20 May 2007

China trip - 1

Hello everyone! How are you?
I miss Malaysia, I miss blogging and I miss YOU!
I'm really happy when I see your comment in my comment box. Thanks for it!

I'd reached home couples days ago and I was extremely tire to clean my stuff. All I was able to do is to lie on my sweet, comfortable bed.. :D
This trip had caused me to walk a lot.. exhausted. haha... I just washed all my 9-days-clothes and I'm ready to blog now. *happy*

This trip has broaden my mind. It has taught me a lot.
"One should study ten thousand volumes of books and travel ten thousand miles of road".
In Venerable Master Hsing Yun book that I had bought some times ago, he wrote:

"Not only can travel enrich our knowledge on geography, history and culture, it can also provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy wonderful scenery and to enhance friendships with travelling companions."

He's right. I've learned a lot from this trip- A Trip to China...

YUP! I went to China, Fu Jian with my family. This is my 2nd trip to Fu Jian. 6 years ago, it had frightened me. I swore that I wouldn't go there again. But unexpectedly, I've broken my promise and went there again. I shall tell you the thing that I've frightened the most in my next blog ok? I don't wanna frighten you now... hehe... :P

Overall, this 8-days-trip was meaningful and interesting. Of course, it wasn't as comfortable as life in the big city. I went to the rural area!!! It was my grandma's hometown.

1st to 2nd days - my grandma's hometown (Ann Qui)

I was the camera-girl. lol... :D


Ground nuts plants

Paddy field


Old Kitchen


They collect and store sweet potato

They served us with these dishes. A bit different...

An old clay house, aged almost 300 years

They rare cow as well

Food for pigs...

ooiik ooik...

A farmer was working on her farm..

She was plucking mini tomato for me.. ^^

Of course, I helped her!

3rd days
- in another nearby village ( 2nd)

Welcoming us.. hahaha...

My favourite vegetable!!!

Trying to make some fun...

Ehwww! Human waste!!!

take a pose ~:D

3rd village - a bit further

Local food

sweet pipa... yummy!!!

Animal's wastes. Natural fertilizer

Chinese games

I've spent almost a day to edit these photos. To be frank, I took almost 1000 pictures! What? haha... Yup! I love taking photos. Those photos that I'd captured give me sastifaction.

Well, maybe you may feel that being poor may bring no happinese. But you're wrong! They're not! I can feel that they're even happier than the rich. No doubts, no worries. They plant food for themselves. Here's the most important thing that I've learned from them:

Love Your Family.

They care for they family and stay united. This has strenghten the bond between their family members. Unlike the rich, most of them are just caring for their money and possesion, leaving their family behind.

To be continue....