28 May 2007

Worst toilets!

As I was chatting in MSN this afternoon, suddenly a friend of mine had asked me about the condition of the toilets in China. Gosh! I've almost forgotten this.
In my previous post, I'd promised to blog about the thing that I fear the most since the past 6 years. Yup! It was the public toilets in China... Wuuuooo....
Let me write it this way:

Stop eating when you are reading this page or keep away your foods. Read on your own risks.

Counting down..

- The Worst Toilet!

4th runner-up

I paid RMB 0.20 for this. There was a half size door. (its height just reached at my waist)

3rd runner up

In the village. One of my grandma's relatives toilet. Still ok since there was a door but no light.

2nd runner-up

No charge for this one. No door.. :(

Nearer look. Yiiiieee....

1st runner up

One of the toilet of a restaurant. Don't get chock!

Ewwwhhh! No door, no light and no water system to clean the waste...

Winner!!! (ueekkk... )

In the village..... olden day toilet....


Closer view.. Ehw.....
I wonder how they do their business... no idea.... :X

Ideal toilet:

In hotel room- Pu Tian... Nicer...

Another toilet in the hotel - Xiamen
(much much better)

That's why, I had rather stayed in the hotel rather than going out. haha... ;D
I'm sorry if this post has made you feel sick... I think I'll make this a temporary post. Maybe I will delete it later. Why? Because I can't stop thinking of the smell and looks. Sucks! Yucks!
Sorry again my friend...

And....Take my advice, go to the city, not small area like these....
GIRLS.... It's better to take an umbrella with you. It is always useful. WhY? haha.. I know you can think of the reason.