22 May 2007

China trip - 2

I thought, snapping 1209 pieces of photos (I've counted) will be such a great thing. To be frank, it's pain-taking job! I've spent 3 days and and 2 nights choosing and editing my photos. Sigh.... it's hard man! Anyway, my hard work finally paid off. :D
I've done my best and these are those selected photos from my trip. *Hurreayyy!!!*
I hope you'll enjoy these photos.Well, this page will take a longer time in loading those photos.. I hope that you'll wait for them.... ;)

4th day - in Hui Ann. Near sea-side area. It's beautiful.

South-sea Guan Ying

Hui Ann lady's culture.

They wear this kind of custom for non-marriage lady. And can you see her hat? She said they keep their make-up equipments such as mirror and comb under the hat. Cool!

Smiling Buddha.. :D

5 th day - Mei Zhou, Putian

It's an small beautiful island. It's famous as a holly place especially among the Taiwanese. Ma Zhu, one of the Chinese God is believed to be born in the island. She's a young girl who know about medicine and good in whether forecast which is essential to the local fishermen. Most of them depended on her prediction. However, she was dead at the age of 28. Because of her great influence, temples are built since then for her as an appreciation for her contribution for the islanders. Todays, Ten of thousand of people visited the temple daily to seek blessing from the Ma Zhu. Wow!

Ma zhu

Ma Zhu's temple

Ma Zhu's temple

They served the Ma Zhu with 100 of different kind of hand-made sea creatures using flour.
(as decoration)

I love the red crab. It's so real!

After visiting the Ma Zhu's temples, we went to the sea side and cliff climbing. We needed to climb. Oh...it was tiring.

The singing dragon...

OMG! The previous volcanic rock! This is an active volcano??? RUN!!!


6th day - Putian

Lao Zhe

7th and 8th days - Xiamen

Xiamen is one of the modernized city in Hokkien. It's much better than Pu Tian- no hons. In Pu Tian, you can't find a peaceful area. Noisy!

This pagoda aged for 800 ++ years..... an ancient pagoda...

Even the trees are old... I love them.

Colourful Flowers!


Photo shooting.

We were so lucky. We met 2 pairs of bride and groom at the same time, snapping photos. I think this place is beautiful and romantic. hehe.. I wanna sign up. Can?

The red light-house

The dragon ship. WOw!

Night shot

Night time of Xiamen.

Unique Guan Y Temple

Feel like in autumn


The white lotus...

To be continue..... final...