15 April 2007


I called May and Jane today. May was in the afternoon and Jane just a few hours ago. It was great to have a conversation with them since it had been a long time we didnt chat. I miss them a lot! May was busy with her assignment when I rang her this afternoon. We chat almost an hour! Oopss..sorry May. Anyway. thanks for entertaining this busy-body buddy. hehe... Hope to ice-skate with you and stc again.

On the other hand, Jane was busy with her work now. She has a lot of stories to share with me. There was an interesting story from her that has attracted to blog them here. She read a story from a chinese newspaper and it's sounds something like this:

--------------------------------------- Edited story --------------------------------------

*Angus came from a poor family. His father had passed away in an accident since Augus was just a toddler. He didnt left anything for his son and his wife accept an old wooden house. Since then, Angus's mother was the sole bread-winner for the family. She was the mother and father for her lovely son.

Life wasn't so hard in that few years until Angus finally went to primary school. Money were needed for Angus's school fees, books and writing equipments. She had to work for two jobs to support her family. Realizing the hardship and stress from her mother, Angus never complaint anything about his life. He was different from any other child. He'll not shout or yell or rant her mother to buy toys like other kids although he wished to have one. Instead, he felt grateful and thankful to what he had - that was his mother.

Few years went by and Angus was a teenager now. On one cloudy afternoon, Angus ran all the way home from his secondary school, showing his mother with his excellent final exam result and a scholarship awarded by the school. His mother was so proud with her son and her cheeks were soon, wet with tears.

"Mum, we haven't have any family photo since I was born. Can we go to snap a family photo in the town later? I can use some of my money from the scholarship", Angus asked his mother delightedly

"Well, my son, I dont have any nice clothes to put on", his mother answered in a sad tone.

"Ohh..Mum, you dont need them. You are beautiful just with your smile".

-------------------------------------- edited by me -------------------------------------

Ohh.. the story is so touching. Thanks for sharing it with me, Jane. Human should be grateful with what they have in order to be happy. Simple life can lead to happy life. Believe me. You'll keep chasing to buy the lastest handphones, or ipods or cars or clothes or shoes. You will never feel happy with what you have had and you'll keep on hunting with things that you dont have... This shows us why humans are materialistic. I hope this message has been passed to you. I suppose the writer of this story will be very happy.. :)