09 April 2007

Clumsy Neighbour

Something funny happened just now.

My neighbour trapped in between the front door and the gate. Couldnt imagine? Well, we stay in apartment. We have a main door and it is mostly made by wood. And before the main door, there is a metal gate just to protect your house from any disturbance, robbery and etc.. In between these doors,there is a small area and we usually put our shoes.

Ok, so my neighbour was planning to go out for dinner since it was 5 minutes before eight. Preparing to go out,he locked the wooden door and closed it. He didnt know that closing the wooden door first before opening the gate will cause him a big trouble. He searched his pockets, his bag and even the shoes for keys and oooppss!!! His keys weren't with him. There was no anyone in the house. No one can help him. Oh god! He was trapped! At first, he was too shy to ask for help. (of course, I'll be shy too) Since he had been trapped for so long, he had no choice but to ask for help.

"Excuse me.. Excuse me..", he whispered but no one heard him.

"Excuse me.. HELP?!!!", this time he started to shout.

As soon as I heard the word HELP, I walked to the door and had a look.

"Dik..boleh tolong saya?" ("Can you please help me?") , he asked politely.

When I saw my neighbour standing in front of his house with both hands holding at the gate, I knew immediately what was happening. He is not the only one who was trapped in such a way. Before that,there was a lady,next few doors who was trapped too because she had lost the key at her house. haha..true.. maybe my neighbours are a bit clumsy. I think i should be on the list too. hahaha.. ;D

Soon,I called my father and asked him to help. Man can work better with man. Dad was surprised and immediantly took all the tools to help him. Two of them tried their very best to open the locked metal gate. Logically, you will hardly unlock the metal gate compare to the wood door. Am I right? It's harder man! So, I explained and adviced them to try the wood door instead. Sadly.. they wont listen to teenager (cos I m younger to them). Besides, I'm a girl and they think girls are stupid! Discrimination between ages and gender happened here (Of course you are wrong! Very wrong!) They were too proud to listen. Man's ego are so high (psstt...esp old man) :D

Well, I just leaved them and watched my movie since I was not needed. They tried it for almost 15 minutes. Look like they didnt have any choices. Finally, my neighbour tried the wood door by hitting at the lock using a slipper. He hit it at first. However, his anger was growing and his patience was no longer exist. This time, he smashed the door. Uhh.. man is man, aggrasive and impatient. Sigh... I think he was extremely hungry.

Anyway, all of his attempts were failed. He started to feel exhausted and regret to his clumsiness. He gave up finally and said sorry to my dad for all those troubles. Well, he was not an unlucky person at all. A few minutes later, his housemate finally arrived and freed him from the "jail". Ahh... you should see the excitment of my neighbour who was trapped for almost 40 minutes. He was lucky that his housemate returned home earlier from work. If not, I couldnt imagine how many hours he needed to stand there with his drumming stomach... hohoho... :P