26 April 2007

Err... I loosed to Sushi!

I'm addicted to sushi!!! I feel like wanting to eat sushi now, again..... :O
We just went to sushi bar last Thursday and yesterday, we went again. Oh my God! I'm not wholly to blame for this. My boy friend tempted me first!

"Curryegg, octopus! Sushi! Yummy...", he whispered to me when we were watching 'Meet The Robinsons' in a cinema.
"Sushi!?? Again??", I asked him in a surprising tone. He nodded quickly. My stomach was roaring at that moment. I didn't want to waste much of his money. We are still student. I knew us very well. Whenever we enter a sushi bar, we will forget the cost of each different colour of sushi plates. We'll take anything that can reach our hands. Things are wonderful at first but soon, turn up to be a disaster at the end of the billing section. Normally, we eat around RM 50++ :(

Thinking about the cost, I gripped my little belly and starred at him and said
"NO SUSHI for today OK?". I tried to hide my hungry stomach from him. He didn't know my stomach was playing hard rock!!! I wanted to prove to him that I could resist his temptation. Without much words, he grabbed my hand and we continued watching the movie (cartoon).

Visit here.
(This website is cool. It's all about this movie. Some cool games and wallpapers too.. :P)

The movie was nice. There are moral values in it:
  1. Never give up in anything that you're doing until you've succeed
  2. Love your family. (They are the closest people in your life)
  3. Care for the people who are around you (especially Friends!)
  4. Share your happiness with others.
  5. Support each other.
  6. Forgive and forget one and another.

After the movie, we discussed what to do next. My stomach started to groan again, reminding me that I was starving!

"How about we find a place and have our lunch?", I suggested.
He agreed and we wandered around the shopping complex and search for food court.

While we were busy chatting, suddenly my heart pumping very fast. The Sushi King restaurant was right in front of us! What on earth was happening? Our legs had brought us there! He looked at me happily and I knew I'll fail this time. I knew it and I knew it..!!! It was so true!
I smiled at him and finally shouted, "Let's go!"

Do you see what did my bf do? He tempted me! Errr.....!!!! o_O

My favourite dishes:

Chuka Iidako (I love the most!)

Chuka Chinmi

Chuka Kurage

Soft Shell Crab Temaki


Deep fried scallops

Prices for each different colour of plates:
      • Blue - RM2
      • Beige - RM3
      • Pink - RM4
      • Red - RM5
      • Purple - RM6