12 April 2007

Love Cookies!

Love Cookies!

I feel so lucky and happy when my boy gave me his cookies to me yesterday. Em...chocolate cookies!!! Yummy.. He baked them for me. That was the first time! Well, i should say that he made cookies with Ken, his friend. haha. Guy's hand-made cookies. lol... They were nice but just a bit hard. I shouldn't complain anything because I still cant bake a good cookies. Let me be the best cookies baker and I'm sure I'll give mean comment like Simon. muahaha..

Actually, I made cookies before too, em... 4 years before with May. They were sesame apricot cornflake cookies! (if i'm not mistaken). We made twice and honestly, they were nice. Hehe... just average. Anyway they were ours biggest success because we had made a mouth-watering and finger-licking cookies......for our family.. haha... especially my dear William. He was the one who ate the most. (Psstt...I think my family didn't want to let me down and pretend that my cookies were nice. So...sorry ya for the past 4 years. kekezz...) ;P

Thinking about my past, I miss the day I spent time with May and Jane. And hey! Irene as well! Three of them are my greatest friends and I'm really glad to know them. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't study in SKWJ in KL, I wont meet Irene. If I didn't transfer to Penang and studied in SMKSN, I wont meet May and Jane. Not just these three peoples, even everyone who I've met since I was born.

Let me grab this chance to thanks my parents for giving life to me, let me see the beauty of the world and shower me with love. Besides I'll like to send my love to my love one, family, friends, acquaintances, cousins, nephews, neighbours, my pets, ....etc.... Ahhh? Hey!!! Why I sounds like I'm receiving Grammy Awards. Or Oscar maybe??? Em...I think I'm mad now. lol.. :D

Anyway, I'm honest and sincere. Just feel like thanking all the people who are around me and express my grateful feeling for having all of you at this moment. Please receive my words as a token of appreciation and love. You are the greatest person I've ever had. I'm so lucky.

Finally, thanks again for the cookies ty. Hopefully I can make a loaf of bread for you if my parents are not mumbling me for messing the small small kitchen. Haha.... :)