30 April 2007

Girls cool or Guys COOLER?

"Being guys are so cool, don't you think so?", I suddenly popped out a question to my boy friend when we were doing our window shopping.

"What? I think girls are cool!", he answered me back with his surprising look. "You know what, you can get free ride from your boy friend and free meals during dates. And you can get loads of cool presents from me! What else do you want?", he continued, adding some points to support his statement.

"But I don't get them for free! I pay you with my love. And hey! I massage for you! Besides, I did give you nice presents!", I answered him back, staring at his two dark brownish eyes. "Guys just pay money while girls pay love", I added.

Why girls are cool?
(His points)
  • Fashionable
  • Get free ride from guys
  • Get everything paid during date by her boy friend (meals, stuffs..etc)
  • Being pampered and loved
  • Get discount easily in any shops (sounds true?)
His conclusion : Girls don't have to spend money during dates.

Why Guys are cool?
(what I think)

  • Eat whatever they like without watching their diet (*some)
  • Love by family. (especially Chinese)
  • Smarter- (Actually i don't agree with this but sometimes, it's true. Just look at Einstein, Newton, Archimedes achievements.) Guys play a lot but still can score good grade/work well. *Unfair!*
  • Spend lesser than girls
  • They have the freedom to flirt but no one ever blames them (imagine if we girls flirt, people will call us bitch or whatever. *Unfair!*)
  • They are the leader. They have good skills in socializing. They're born with it.
  • No pregnancy/ no period (they don't have to feel the pain)
  • Guys have no problem during break-up. They can get rid of their disappointment and sadness easily. (unlike girls, we take a longer time compare to guys!)

Well, he may sound true but girls, will you totally agree with him? Honestly, we girls spend more than guys even if we are not on a date. Before that let me point out what are girls usually spending on.

Girls spend for
    • Clothes (since we are so-called fashionable)
    • Shoes
    • Cosmetic
    • Accessories (earrings, necklace, hair pins..etc)
    • Hair ( Hairstylist depends on us for his/her income. They charge us more than guys! Example: Girls: RM20 Guys: RM10 *unfair!*)
    • Shampoo, hair conditional - We spend a lot. Average - 500ml a month for long hair)
    • Sanitary pads/pantyliner (which is so expensive. Guys should know this!)
I still can list a hundred of them. Anyway, I think they are enough so far. Or do you have any better points for me to add on? haha.. girls I believe you have. So guys, do you still think that being girls are cool? Tell me if I'm wrong.. ;D