24 April 2007

Great Interview Day

I just came back from an interview for counselling course and guess what? It was fun! I got to know some new friends. There were all Chinese and no other races- Malay and Indian. Em.. weird right? I think we've been categorized and put into difference sessions.

Anyway, that's not my main point. I've made a few new friends today! There were 8 of us who were waiting in the hall (Dewan Arif)- 7 girls and 1 boy. haha... Some were from Perak, Johor and Kelantan! And to my surprise, I met 2 of my tuition friends from IBM (Penang)! The world was so small! :P

This group of friends was incredible! Within minutes of being introduced, we were chatting away like old friends. Maybe to-be-coming counsellors are more friendly. hehe.. joking.. We were science students during STPM level. There were only two among eight of us who took physic and the rest were Biology students. (I'm the Bio student- mouse killer!!!)

The interview was supposed to start at two but it turned up to be at 2.35pm. Half an hour late. Sigh... Luckily I was the second candidate and I didn't have to wait for so long. If not, I'm not sure how many time I'll enter the ladies. lol... :P

I wore baju kurung for the interview today. I felt weird. I rarely wear it accept for special occasion. This is one of the formal custom in Malaysia for the female. (The photo below not the one I wore. Just an example) :D

We kept on chatting in the hall until suddenly a lady entered the hall and called...

"*Curryegg", the lady who was in charged called my name. I raised up my hand immediately and stood up. She ticked my name with a pencil and soon disappeared.

"Good luck! All the best!", my friends blessed me.

I smiled, waving at them and said goodbye.


The lady who called my name just now opened the door and asked me in.

I entered the room and the interview began. I was so nervous as this was my first time being interviewed in a formal way. Anyhow, I could answered every questions from the professor with no doubts. He looked fierce and strict at first but after awhile, he turned up to be very friendly. Fuhh... Luckily.. :P
Moral : Never judge a book by its cover

The interview went smoothly and ended after 15 minutes.
I'm free once again!. I don't have to worry for the interview anymore. It was over! Yippee!
All I have to do now is to wait patiently for the University feedback in these 2 months.
Wish me luck!