11 February 2008

Crazy Day On CNY

Have you ever tried the take away 'Yee Sang' from a Chinese restaurant??

My dad bought this.
We mix it by ourselves. Cool!
It's fresh... ;D

Since granny still can't walk steadily, we didn't allow her to leave the house. So, my dad purposely bought this take-away Yee Sang so that my granny can celebrate together with us. Guinness!

I just couldn't forget all the sweet moments during CNY- Chinese New Year.
Well well well, Chinese New Year has not over yet! There are still another 10 days to go (since the Chinese celebrates CNY for 15 days!)

The sad thing is, I've to prepare myself to classes now. My semester break has ended and sigh.... I'm busy again with my activities. (I've a volleyball match on 11th and 12th. The result for today (11th) is disappointing... lost. Anyway, it's ok. We still have another games). Oh ya. Not to forget my Chinese drum practice. Wuooo.... must be tiring.

OK. Stop polluting my mind with all these activities. Let's talk about my CNY celebration. I've a great time for that 5 days. I ate a lot, played a lot, laughed a lot..... etc... Lol... However, I didn't take much photos. I feel like I am losing my interest in photo taking on last few days. As a result, I've lost some great chances in capturing the sweetest moments with my friends and relative (who I hardly meet). Sigh.... Slap myself.

I got the chance to meet with my ex-secondary school friends and this is the only photo I've. Lucky to know that Gyy and Jane have taken some photos and I'll grab from them soon! Yes!

The first day of CNY

On the very same day, MJ (Min Jia) fetched May, Tze Hui, Li Qian and me to Auto City! What a surprizing meeting! Thank MJ for giving us a great moment in Fuel and I owe you! ;D
Sad again, I didn't take any photo during in the gathering.. ;(
*blame myself*

Next, on the 2nd of CNY, my grandma's house was packed with my relatives. Well, it's been a tradition since 15 years ago that every family will gather in my grandma's house during in the 2nd day of CNY. What a great family gathering!

My aunt had cook my favorite dishes: Asam Laksa!!!

The ingrediant for laksa!
Spice+Sardin fish+ Chilies+ Asam+ Herbs
Ta-da... this is a bowl of home-make laksa!

As you may have predicted, there are no any photo of the day... again.. sigh.. sigh.. (I was too busy chatting around and had forgotten the important job!)

This is the only photo that I've with my dear..lovely.. cousins.. ;)

A small gathering for youngsters!

The 3rd day of CNY was a boring day where I spent most of my time at home. Lol.. so skip this.

The 4th day of CNY.. haha... there are some funny photos which I'd taken at my great grandmother's house (who has passed away few months ago.. amitabha).

My pinkish cute cousins.. ;)

The hardworking guy..

My lovely niece.. still remember her? XD
I like this photo.. hehe...

Then, we've our gila-gila (crazy) moment, snapping photo all the time. Haha...

My beautiful cousin... ;D
The 3 of us... ^_^
And *me*....

While we were snapping photo in a corner, my niece came with her baby nipple in her hand. Guess what happen?

I grabbed from her...

Oopss....!!! I was too missing my childhood moment.. lol...