16 February 2008

New MyBlogLog Widget

The old widget:

The new widget:

MyBlogLog has created a new widget for us and I personally think that it's quite cool for the design and the idea. The pop out style for every icon in the list is quite eye-catching. Furthermore, the profile of the visitor can be read easily if compare to the old widget style. That's mean I can detect my MyBlogLog visitors more easily. Haha....

You're being watched babe!

However, the choices of colour for the widget is lesser if compare to the old one. There are only 7 colours: Black, green, red, orange, blue, brown and purple. Uuhh...

Anyhow, it's still ok to me.
Oh ya. I've received been informed by MyBlogLog that they are going to launch a new feature called New with Me in another a couple weeks. This feature will use the URLs on the Services tab of your MyBlogLog profile to aggregate your latest activity on sites such as
Twitter, Last.fm, Digg, and YouTube. Wow. Isn't that interesting?

I should be patient and wait for the creative invention.

By the way, do add me as a community or member if you've a MyBlogLog profile. It will be great to have you in my list. Thank you.. ;)

For more information, click here.