19 April 2012

Unforgettable Student-talks #TFMweek

Madam Kala from Maxis taught in my class today at my 1SP3 class for #TFMweek (follow this twitter thread for daily inspiration!). She asked a question regarding to me and we received warm answers but…

Cikgu Kala: Suka tak Cikgu Kai Lee?

Students: Sukaaaaaaaaa!!!! (chorused)

Cikgu Kala: Ok. Kenapa suka?

Student 1: Kerana baik…

Student 2: Best!

Student 3: Mesra..

Student 4: Peramah..

Student 5: Sporting..

Student 6: Kelas menarik selalu..

Student 7: Lucu…

Student 8: Cute~

Cikgu Kai Lee stared at him.

Student 8: Oohhh… tak adalah… baik sangat-sangat *faced down*

Cikgu Kai Lee: *laughed*


P/s: I shall share more in the coming post about Teach For Malaysia week at SMK Jalan Reko today . Thank you everyone for the amazing day. I love it~