13 September 2011

Sick & Bored

It is weird when a patient who is sick and ill says that she is bored. I mean, with all those vocabulary available in the dictionary, bored should never come into the picture.


But then, eggie really feels bored =((
I have been sleeping on the bed for 2 days and I feel so left-out and abandon. My family members are having fun while me, stuck in the house and with medication’s routine. I thought my travel back to hometown should be an enjoyable one.


medicine Just 2 weeks ago, I privately asked myself that, “Eh? It has been years I have not attacked by sickness hor?”. Darn. I shouldn’t have thought of that =_=


Blame to my constant craving in the search for Penang Asam Laksa ever since my first visit. I should have controlled and stopped myself. Now that I can’t eat other type of Penang cuisine, not even my favorite Nyoya Mooncakes. Ahhwww… Dad is going to finish them all if I don’t recover fast!


Anyway, I am lucky enough to have my ah kim’s (aunt) and ah ma’s (grandma) personal cares. They will always watch over my medication, diet and rest. This has reminded me about my 8 years of living with them back to my high school time. They are always being so caring and loving. I love them so much.. =))


Well, I think it is time for me to take another hours of sleep. The medicine is conquering my biological system again and I am starting to feel tired and sleepy. What to do, pergi tidur lor… Sob.


Did I ever tell you that, I am a type of person who don’t like to sleep? It happens ever since I was a child.


Lesson learned: Health is important. No matter how smart or wealthy you are, without good health, nothing works.