30 September 2011

Taio Cruz, Arthur and Us.

Before writing any further, there is something I wanna confess – that.. that.. Initially, I didn’t know who Taio Cruz is. Ya, like seriously serious!


Until, one fine morning after I read his name on the Arthur’s Day poster, I took the initiative to google his name to learn about him. To my ultimate surprise, I’d actually known him for quite some times. He is the one who sang ‘Break My Heart’, ‘Higher’ and ‘Dynamite’!!!



He' is Taio Cruz!


Oh dear. How could I not knowing him? Those songs are my favorite.


But of course, I know who he is by now since I am writing about Taio Cruz who came to Arthur’s Day event in Malaysia with photos and video clip somemore. Sorry to Taio Cruz’s fans who get annoyed with my previous ignorance (sorry Calv..) --- *knock my head*


There was a competition running on at Churp Churp and I am lucky enough to win a pair of exclusive tickets from them (thank you so much!) to the Arthur’s Day 2011 at KL Speed City last Friday (23rd Sept 2011). I still remember how Calv screamed in happy tears when I told him about the tickets on the phone. He was so excited and thrilled with the idea of meeting his favorite artist: Taio Cruz. That moment was when I learned that my boyfriend’s is a fans, A BIG FANS of Teh O Ice. Em.. I mean, Taio Cruz… =P


taio Taken with my phone the moment I got the tickets – thus the blur.


We went to the event in black, like what it stated on the dress code. Haha.. well we did some preparation days before the event like finding the best, black attire (since both of us don’t own much black garments), learned about the artists who will perform for the event and also the location. Calv was the one who did most of the research job as he wants both us to enjoy the event to the fullest. Ahhww… he’s so considerate :)


So, here are some of the photos during the event. By the way, the crowds were crazy! It was reported by the Hitz.fm crew that there were almost 20K people turned up for the event.





I didn’t aware that Kate (blogger) was standing just next to me as the place suddenly ran out of electrical supply and it was dark, until I transferred all the photos to my computer.


arthur6 Calv acting cute =P

arthur7  He called himself villain in FB. Lol..

arthur9 Me and Arthur’s Day.

arthur10 The 20K crowds.



Seriously, the Arthur’s Day celebration in Kuala Lumpur was phenomenal! I couldn’t resist myself from singing and dancing my heart out when the place was filled with R&B music, good sound system and professional MC from hitz.fm. Just that, my heels made all the moves hard to be made. I actually regretted for wearing my black with leopard prints heels to the event. I thought my legs can support my body from 7pm – 1am and I was wrong, terribly wrong. That’s where mum and bf’s advices make sense.



The concert started with the play from the DJs. Warm up.


What to do, heels have always become an icon for pretty look since many centuries ago. It has been conditioned into our minds. I’ve learned my lesson: Never wear heels to concert. Anyway, all we gotta do now is to appreciate this post and enjoy all the photos and video I took – for the worth of the numbness and muscles pain of my legs. what the egg =P


Here are some of the R&B artists whom I was able to capture. It is hard for me to snap night photo. So, here are my best shoots.



Besides Taio Cruz who are the main attraction of the event, Mizz Nina, Soler, DJ Skeletor, Prema Yin, Dragon Red and Kartel were there. They were awesome and bring ‘hotness’ to that night.


Calv and I both agree that Soler are handsome and charming, while Mizz Nina is hot with her voice and dance. Our hearts were stolen by them with their talents.



Mizz Nina’s performance – Sexy is my name. Sexy is my name


She was being interviewed by the hitz.fm DJs after the performance.

arthur25 Soler! I hope I can take a closer photo of them.



We cam-whore once in a while in between of performances.

arthur18  This was when Taio Cruz almost appear – about 11.30pm
My legs almost wanna break liao.. :(

arthur20 Guess, he doesn’t want everyone to suffer so he finally appear from underground. Lol..


  The event ended after Taio Cruz performed his last song, Dynamite. Everyone was shouting his name, asking for anchor but… no more jor. It ended with all the artists lining on stage.


  Calv who was already exhausted and dehydrated at the end of the performance. Same case with me. I was so thirsty and dying for water.


We couldn’t walked out from the crowds during the event because we were standing very close to the stage. We didn’t want to loss our perfect view, plus it’s already hard to move out. So, both of us fast for that 6 hours. It’s worth it for Taio Cruz and this video.


Must watch ok? You can feel how lively it was during the event. Everyone was singing together with him – including me! The aura.. it’s marvelous! Enjoy the clip =)



I am glad to see him as excited as I was. It was our first time attending live music event together and the experience was  superb!


P/s: Again, thanks Churp Churp and Calv for the wonderful and memorable day~

P/s/s: I believe the real reason of my pure enjoyment of this event is because of the person I go with :)