24 October 2008

Hot Spring In Sungkai

Good morning everyone..
Look like it has be some times I didn't update my blog. Sorry for the disappearance. Well, can I blame to my tight schedule and the small 'optional test' for stopping me from blogging? Emmm.... Yes I should.. Haha.

Happy to say that the test went out well and after this, I should concentrate in my final examination for this semester. Aisk! I hate exam! It makes me nervous and anxiety all the time. Sigh...

In order to reduce my anxiety, I need to do something which I enjoy the most. So, I'm here again. Hehehe... Sorry mum. My lecturer told us to seek self-therapy and I've found my- blogging. Lol..

So, as I've promised you in my previous post, I'm going to blog about this 'egg boiling' thingy. As I've found out, some of you have answered it correctly. True. It was taken in Hot Spring, Sungkai in Perak. You guys must have been there before, haven't you? :)

I had been there for several times and the last time I was there is like 3 weeks ago? Emm... no no.. 2 weeks ago. That's why I was sick after that. Sadnya~~

It's ok as I've recovered and ready to rock the world! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
To some of you who haven't been in The Hot Spring in Sungkai, here are the rules and regulations. Oh ya, and the enterance fees..

Honestly, it is a right place for relaxation especially to those who are tired of tight-boring-schedule. Sungkai is a place which is full of greenary view and most importantly, the hot spring which is believed to ease one's mind and improve one's health. It will give you a therapeutic effect, trust me!

So, this is my ticket.

Oh ya. As a reminder, it is better to enter the hot spring area during in the evening as it will give you the opposite effect in the afternoon. There are news on people who were fainted in the hot spring during the afternoon. Why? Because the place will become too hot and those with high blood pressure are hardly stand in the hot whether + hot water. So, the most preferable time will be 5pm-8pm (for hot spring).

Other than the 'hot area', there is a place which is cold. The swimming pool for children! Lol... As it has written on the notice board, the cold water is comes from the moutain. Emm... mountain? So, if you are there in the afternoon, you can spend your time in the cold water before shifting yourself into the hot area in the evening. That's mean, you can play 2 different areas at once! Brilliant!

Anyway, I'm not interested with the cold area. Why? Emm... emm... I guess I'm old for this 'children paradise area'? Sob... I wanna play the 'sotong slider'... :(

So, this is the big hot spring pool. It's warm!
Again, I'm not attracted to the big pool. In fact, there are something better than that. I need a place which is not too crowded with people.

This is one of the option: Smaller pool which is warmer.

But not this one....
This is one of the hottest pool..
Is like.. 200-400 Celsius and above?

Option 2: Walking on the stone walk - for reflexology purposes.
I remembered how my family yelled while walking on the stone. While me, concentrating on every single steps I made. And my dear cousin, jumping and running all the way. Eikss.. what kind of feet does he has?


Option 3: The Family pool. This is one of my favourite place in which I can get more privacy here. Yes.. Trust me. Privacy... :D

Trust me.

You can rent a room which includes private jacuzzi pool, a bathroom and a resting corner (with fans, table and seats). Isn't it sounds like heaven?

And I just love this family moment in this private pool. Feel like jungle huh? :D

I believe, this will be a place which you will fall in love with. They called it as the Family Spa. I've been there for several times and I believe, it will be my last time, 11 October 2008. Bye bye Family Spa. Why? What happen?


Since in the beginning of the year, the FELDA has changed the system and the price. Unexpectedly, they have changed the cost from RM25.00 to RM 75.00 per hour for this Family Spa.

Gosh! RM50 differences?

I personally feel that RM50 is too much. Isk Isk isk.....
Sigh... no more private jacuzzi hot spring.... :(