19 October 2008

Times When Others Demotivating Me

Sometimes, I will ask myself a few stupid questions

Why do I blog?
Why am I so addicted to blog?
Why I want to share my story here?

It's just amazing to find out how enthusiastic I am when it comes to blogging
(other than sleeping, watching TV and listening to music). Rarely, I will do something so serious and consistent for such a long period (em... nearly 2 years?). I guess, I really love writing, making friends and sharing thoughts with the world at the same time. Great news for me!

Asking myself the reasons why I blog whenever I'm lost is crucial as it will bring back my spirit of sharing. Very often, I realize myself lost in others negative-harsh-comments whenever my post doesn't fulfill their so-called 'requirement' or 'expectation'. I don't know why, but sometimes, I just can't stop myself thinking of them.

A few negative comments which I've received so far:

  • "Your blog isn't attractive enough. It's lacking of 'leng lui' (charming girls) photos. Maybe you should doll yourself up and get a good photographer to shoot some beautiful photos to be posted up"
  • "Your posts are boring. It's meaningless".
  • "Find the type of niche you want for your blog. I can't see any specific topic in your blog".
  • "Get a domain and be a real curryegg.com"

Honestly, the first comment did hurt my feeling. It makes me feel people are more concerned on the outer look (physical) rather than the inner part of a person. How realistic is the world right now? Or maybe I should say, it happened since in the very early age when human was created in this world. I HATE people who discriminate others no matter in what kind of aspect - gender, religion, brain, beauty and etc.

Well, is it outer beauty is so important compare to the brain? Seriously, will that make a difference if I become someone else like... Jessica Alba? Nicole Kidman
? Hannah Tan? Paris Hilton? If I manage to done a plastic surgery and become one of them, will my number of readers increase dramatically?

Some related topics which I've blogged before:
Are You Beautiful?
Do Beauty Come With Brain?
You Shouldn't Date If You Are Ugly

I guess, the answer should be yes.
People get to see more attractive and charming photos rather than this '
' picture. Am I right?

People who feel my posts are meaningless did affect my spirit of blogging as well. It makes me feel that, is it my writing is so bad until it can make others fell dull? I'm not sure as I enjoy and happy with every of my work. All the posts in my blog are done because of one word, "love".

Whatever I do here is basically because of the love I've in my heart.

I love to blog, I love to share, I love photography, I love meeting new people, I love getting comments, I love designing, I love drawing.. What else?

Besides, I can't find a specific niche for my blog. I just can't any specify topic for my blog as it's like a diary- write whatever I love and enjoy the most. Maybe I should specific it in future, but for sure, it will be a new website, not this. I love treating my blog as an online-diary, write whatever I wish to share.

About the issue getting my own domain, emmm
.... Once again, I ask myself; "Will that make a different if I change the link http://curryegg.blogspot.com into http://www.curryegg.com?
Maybe yes, but I'm sure it will not make a big differences.

There are times when I wish to stop blogging. Well, for some reasons, I change my mind and I'm still here blogging and sharing my thoughts. Of course, one of the reason will be you- for keep on continue reading my blogs and giving me supportive comments. Thank you a lot for all the motivational words. I love you guys!

You guys ROCK!

So, promise me...
Never give up curryegg.com and I will not give up you.