28 October 2008

How To Treat Your Friends

I'm so boring lately as I've to prepare myself for my exam, again. Sigh... Why oh why we have to sit for the exam? Can't we just attend classes and do a little assignments without exam? Honestly, I'm getting phobia with exam as all the negative thoughts keep on hunting me whenever my mind interpreting the word E.X.A.M.


It's so hard to concentrate in my revision. I just don't know why. The only thing which can make me happy is wandering around in the Internet world. At least, my email box can make me 'happy' like, well... sometimes..

As I was checking my email box, I spotted a few familiar names in the sender corner. They are my friends, Nelson and See Khee. Both of them sent the same email to me. Obviously, it's a forwarded emails. No matter how, I am happy because they remember me and care for our friendship. How lucky I am to have them - I thought

Ironically, I am wrong. The emails don't sound any like what I've imagined earlier.


This is what I've received...

U kno I'll always b there 4 u!....I
luv You!
send it back if you luv me too.....and send it to all ur other frends dat you luv

I'm so 'lucky' to know them....

P/s: This is one of the tips to treat your friend as lovingly as you can by forwarding this message to them. I know they will 'apprecite' your message like what I did here..
Lolx.... :P