31 October 2008

Don't Buy Slipper Made By China

WARNING: There are disgusting photos in this post. If you don't want to spoil your meal, stop scrolling down the page and escape.


Again, this is about my email which I received yesterday. This time, it is a caring email from Asha, my lovely mama (she's so caring till I want to call her mama).. :P

Thank dear for the email and wish you don't mind if I post it here in my blog.

Frankly, I feel that these photos are even scarier than my ghost post. Look at the feet!

Is that really the effect of wearing the slippers which are made from China? Is it so serious? I wonder is it because of the type of rubber they used in making the slippers? Emmm... question question question...

I still remember the news on how the producers in China use recycled condoms to make hair bands. Eikssssss! Isn't that disgusting? And it's so unethical and immoral business practices . I can't imagine the number of sperms tying on my hair. Or even stick on the hair. AIDS! HIV!


We should really be careful in choosing China products these days. Still remember the Chinese milk scandal? Keep this in mind.