18 October 2008

Answer- WHY NOT?

Eggie Note: Wolf wolf.. why did you write your answer in the cbox le?
Now nobody give me their answer anymore.. lol... :P


I can't wait any longer to publish those answers from you guys. I manage to spotted 3 creative answer. Hahaha... Congratulation! You guys have been nominated for the best Creative Egg Commentators. Lol....

Here are the top 3 creative commentators:


nicocoa: this is the same question as to do lions and tigers fight?

From me: Instead of answering 'yes' or 'no', she throws back another question to me which is similar to mine. Smart girl uh? haha... I like it! :D


trestin meacham: Polar Bears live in the Arctic(the north pole). Penguins live in Antarctic (the south pole). So a Polar Bear would have travel far (unless in a zoo) to find any Penguins. But I think we should never under estimate suck a large and powerful animal. They may be ordering Penguins online through Ebay.

From me: OMG! Trestin, how can you come up with the idea 'ordering Penguins online through Ebay? Hahaha.. How creative are you boy! I can see you are more on entrepreneur mind.. :)


Last but not least, a specific answer from currypook (another curry family in the blogosphere.. haha...). Frankly, I'm pretty impressed with his answer as he can come up with a creative post in his blog with a few cute pictures.

Currypook: Haha... If i'm that polar bear, sure i will kill that stupid penguin! Imagine people come and disturb you when you're sleeping, some more the weather is so nice~ So, my answer is YES! Haha...

From me: You have a good imaginative mind. HAha... Something which is 'out of the box, out of the norm'. Hahaha.... By the way, did you photoshop those pictures?

Basically, there is no specific answer for this because anything can happen - maybe not now. If you ask me what is the answer, I will definitely answer it, "No". Why? Because the Discovery channel has never showed penguins and polar bears together (as they are in different continents).

But when I think twice, my mind start to question: Why not?

Nothing in this world can't be happened as we are living in this vast global village. Take an example, if houses in Dubai can own their personal swimming pools in their own bungalow lots, why not the Malaysian own their own snowing rooms?

So, if country like Malaysia can rare penguins in the zoo, why not there will be polar bear in Antarctic? Like what Trestin told us, "maybe polar bear will order penguins using eBay". Haha.. At the same time, it does show that the power of Science and Technology is ultimate. That's why the business of online shopping is growing rapidly.

Back to our discussion, the question is so general and it should depend on one's creativity in answering it. Sometimes, we shouldn't trap ourselves with just fact and theory. Of course, to convince others about your own answer, you should provide it with proof or example. Or else, it will turn up to be a bad joke.

So my dear friends. Be creative and innovative. Never limit yourself with something boring and dull (theories, history, rules, policy.. uhhh). Think out of the box!

Thank you to all of you who participated. You guys have made me smile no matter how tire I am right now. Thank you... muacks.