30 October 2008

Halloween Party, Here I Come

Still remember my previous post on I'm Going Silent With Nokia Xpress Music? I beg you guys must be remember (if you're my loyal reader) as it was not long ago and my header is too cool to be forgotten. Lolx.. So tak paiseh.

The main point is.....

I have received a ticket to the Halloween Party from Nuffnang not long ago.

I shall thank to Robb and Suresh for the ticket. They have helped me a lot. Thank you.. :)

Talking about the Halloween post, it is my best post ever. Yup. So far, I've done nothing as well as this - photography skills, writing skills, make-up skills, photoshop skills, sleeping skills and pretend-to-be ghost skills. Lolx...

This look more horrible compare to the others...

The mess!

Honestly, do I look scary in these photos?
I received comment like...

"You look cute"
"Funny la..."
"You look angry more than scary"


Don't I look like a ghost?
It was not easy to make up and and pick the costumes le... :(

It was my first time dressing like a ghost and I did scare my mum away when she opened my door room. Sorry mum..

Anyway, curryegg is going to dress something scary this Saturday - The first ever Halloween Party for bloggers in Malaysia. Gosh! I am so excited! What should I wear this time? Any idea? It must be something scary.....