28 July 2009

My Biological State

Lately, I can feel that my body is showing me some symptoms of over exhaustion. Dizziness, headache, difficulty in breathing and heart pain are like my close friends, never failed to leave me ever since now and then.

At some points, I feel worried - worry that I might have encounter something unpleasant. I have no idea on how my biological body is performing now. No idea at all. Sigh...

Well eggie, stop your imagination and you shall sleep now. You're only too tire and all you have to do know is to take a long nap. Tomorrow will be another brand new day.

Ok. Fine. That will do. Good night my friends..

P/s: Sorry if I have kept you waiting for my updates. I don't feel comfortable enough to write something when my body and mind don't allow me to do so. I loss my concentration which is really upsetting. Anyway, you will see new post whenever I am ready.... *hugs*

Good day everyone.