13 July 2009

My 1 Week Menu

Just 3 days ago, I had forced myself to visit the dentist again after skipping the appointment for more than a month. This time, it was my wisdom tooth. If you have been following my blog long enough, you will know that I am really afraid of dentist.

Now I have goosebumps all over my hands!!

Minor surgery had been carried out last Friday and everything was alright till this morning, when I was miserably facing the terrifying pain on the gum. Gosh! It is so horrible! The Dr has never mentioned about the pain. Well, thanks to the pain killer for postponing my pain till today. Hmpm!

So, just an hour ago, I met my dentist again and we had discovered that my gum is being affected by bacteria. Some pieces of food had entered the hole and was clinging around the stitches which in the end encouraging the growth of bacteria.

Thanks God!

Everything is ok now as the doctor has removed the food and put some anti-bacteria medicine on the infectious area. I am feeling much, much, much better.

Look like there is no way I can skip this menu for another 1 week:

The 'Someone-Who-Lost-Her-Wisdom-Tooth' Menu

Friday - White porridge
Saturday - Fish porridge (shouldn't take)
Sunday - Sup Noodles, breads (shouldn't take)
Monday - Chicken Chop, Smash potato porridge!
Tuesday - Chicken Rice porridge!
Wednesday - Fried Sotong Noodle porridge!
Thursday - Pizza porridge!
Friday - Sushi! porridge!
The Following days - Mystery

My friends complained that I am looking pale.
Well... hope not.

Now, I know why people always say that having a set of healthy teeth is crucial.
Sigh.. I am hungry.