19 July 2009

Attempt To Find 'O' Primary School Friends

It was really funny that lately, I have the urge to get in touch with my primary school friends who I thought I will never able to get in touch with ever since I left the school - my old, old school.

Well, it wasn't my fault for not keeping in touch with them because I was too small to understand how important to have a good, systematic phone and address book to keep all my important contacts. Besides, there is no any advance electronic devices back in 90's in which there is no mobile phone with GPRS or internet services nor computer with high speed internet connection.

Communication is so hard that you have to choose either to make an expensive call via the phone or write letter which will only reach in at least 1 week time. I preferred writing letter to my besties when I moved to Penang at the age of 11. The experience of writing letters were great as the motivation in replying each other was so high which I thought none of us will give up and stopped. However, as we grew up and learned to accept more responsibilities with school work and house work, each of us started to reduce the frequency in writing. From 2 weeks a letter, slowly turned into one year a letter. How sad...

Slowly, the bonds between my old friends and I are weaken and unconsciously, the connection seemed to be broken ever since then. I didn't realize this till lately, when I met my old best friend, Irene who was out of the sudden agreed to stay a day at my house. It has been nearly 2 years I never met her. Well, she is the only one (my primary school friend) who I always get in touch with.

Old memories seemed to rush back and refill my brain. Some missing puzzles which I thought they have lost forever came back and fit in those missing hole. I started to remember some of my ex-classmates, starting from the mischievous one, the funny one, the smart one and the quiet one. Even some of the mean teachers who had pulled my ears and stomach were being recalled.

It was great to have a mini gathering with Irene and Calvin last Friday where each of us grabbed the opportunity to update each others news. We tried to fill in whatever we have missed and tried to build back the connection. Well, I wasn't sure how far it has been, but I know it is a good start.

Playing with the mirror when I was in my old working place with Irene - Fashion Avenue 2210. It has changed from a big local designer boutique turned into a small one.

After the mini gathering, Irene and I had tried to explore and add some of our primary school friends in Facebook. It was a fruitful moment because I had managed to find about 8-10 friends. The only thing I can do now is to wait for their approval and introduce myself whenever there is a chance. I hope they can still remember me.

Well, if they still can't recognize me, then I should go back to my hometown and dig out all my primary school photos, scan and show them. Lol.. What a good idea. By the way, I guess I didn't chance much?