11 July 2009

My LURVE Affair with my Readers

People always says, blog whatever you want and share whatever you like in your blog. One of the main reason is because you own it and you are the blogger. So, there is nothing you can't write in your own special space other than yourself (of course, as long as it has nothing to do with ISA, abusive content or you named them).

Well, I do agree with them as I love my personal site and admire how my brains work every time I blog something new. We all know that writing, photography and photo editing use both of the right and left brains, yes? Other than keeping my brains working, it is also because of my loyal readers who have never stopped supporting and encouraging me ever since my first attempt in writing a post.

I remember Dalicia happen to be my first reader as well as my first commenter. There is no way I would forget about this sweet lady. Of course, I will not forget my other readers who are also bloggers and my friends keep coming back, checking how I am from time to time.

Some even motivate and encourage me during my down moments. I remember when I received bad critiques from 'some people' who think I am not perfect enough. They critique on my writings and worse on my appearance (something I can't and will not change). Frankly, such ignorance comments did bother me. I even thought of shutting down my blog. Well, I obviously not doing so because I realize that I love myself. I love being who I am and this belief grows stronger each time I read your supportive comments:

The time when others demotivating me:

The time when I have reached my 21st Birthday and blogged a post about it:

The time when my grandma, my loved one left me, forever.

No matter you are committed into my commenting system or not, I can still sense your footprints. Well, are you asking how do I know you are here? Em... there is always Sitemeter which does all the exploring and examining work. It counts the number of visitors and lists down all the links which come to my blog every single day.

I know, my number of readers isn't high and it is inconsistent each month. You know what, I don't mind if my readership is low. What I care the most is the sincere comments which I received from my readers. Those who treat me as a friend and respect whoever I am is something I treasure the most.

This is me.

I shall thanks to all my RSS readers too who have been subscribing to my blog feeds. It is such a pleasure to see the number grows each time I glance at the meter. How sweet.. :)

Thus, why can't I love my readers more?

And why can't I say they mean so much to me as they are one of the reasons I am still keeping this blog for more than 2 years.
If it is not because of the unconditional love I received everyday from you, this blog might not survive for the first 6 months. Call me stupid or unprofessional. Well, I don't mind what others might say because this is honestly what I feel so far.

Can you spot 1/2 picture of a baby?

Knowing that Lurve, the new flavored mutigrain chips product from Kraf is organizing a blog competition, I decided to participate and write a love post for all my readers who have never failed to curve a smile on my face. I want you to know that you guys mean a lot to me and thanks for creating such a memorable memory in my life. All your supporting and humorous comments will never been forgotten and I will treasure them as long as my comment systems allow me to do so.

I strongly believe that Lurve can show my sincerity and love to all my readers (you of course) as there are nothing as original as this. Why? Because there is no artificial colouring and no added preservatives which will allow anyone to chew the original taste of wheat, oats, rice, corn and sunflower seeds in each 'crispy bite'.

So my dear Curryegg's readers, this genuine post is for you.
Lurve you!