02 July 2009

Cosmetic Can Drag Down Self-Confidence

Remember my previous post on Make-up Or Naked?
Well, I have something to say.

Previous Facebook Status:
An aunt said, "Woman without make up is like not wearing clothes. Gosh! I just realized I am naked all the time.

I do agree with her because women who are too used to make-up will look 'terribly naked' on the face if they don't apply the basic: Foundation cream, face powder, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. Another word for naked will be: Pale.

Very often, I realize females who are too depending on make-up products will have less confidence on themselves if they go out without applying any. That's why most of the celebrities dare not step out from the house without make-up even within their own house compound.

I wonder why it becomes such a big deal?

Let just take myself as an example. 2 years ago, when I was working for Khoon Hooi as a part time sale assistant, I had to put on make-up everyday. The thicker, the better. I mean as long as it is presentable of course!

And.. errr.... I don't mean like a Chinese Opera performer.
Something as normal as this:

Before I worked for Khoon Hooi, I had never put on make-up on my face if not for school performances. That's explain why I had never heard of foundation cream, let it alone from RedEarth when a girl from Sasa introduced it to me one afternoon when I was haunting for make-up stuff a day before work! At the same day, I have learned that make-up products are not cheap!

Well, straight to my point. I applied those chemical products from day to night, 6 days a week for almost 2 months. Let's guess what I gained? I gained sharper eyes, sparkling lips and smoother skin whenever I put on those make-up. Thanks to the sale girl from Sasa for giving some tips.

It doesn't take me long to come up with this theory :
With make-up is beautiful. Without make-up is ugly.

The theory was proven when I was back to my campus again for my first class during that semester (to my ordinary days). I felt uneasy staring at my pale face in the mirror as in the reflection was showing a strange girl. I didn't have the courage to face my course mates for too long because I felt something was missing on my face. Mr Confidence had slowly walked away from me.

It didn't take me long to realize what was actually happened on myself. It was so-called an addiction over make-up products. I was too depending on them and stupidly wanting them to be applied on my face 24/7. Self-esteem was shaken and I know I got to do something in order to gain them back.

I keep posting mental notes to my brain, persuading that I do not have to depend on those products to make me beautiful. Of course, I am back to normal again - not having the urge to use make-up products during classes! Classes also refer to ordinary day, non-occasional day.

Cosmetic products can turn any ordinary girl into a Cinderella (who is meeting her prince in the castle). There is no lie. It can even improve one's confidence by being a stand out in the crowds. That's why company selling make-up product always make good fortune in the market. They work like magic and I am glad they help me when I need them.

However, we have to be sure of one thing: Never let cosmetic products eaten up our confidence over our own beauty. We are unique and born with own natural beauty. No matter how, we are still who we are with or without these make-up products. Just, I personally fell that it will be better to take good care of our health rather than just beauty.

In conclusion, being naked most of the time isn't a bad thing.

Again, I mean the face.