24 July 2009

I Am Not Megan Fox, Mind You

Woke up in the morning with fresh mind and happy feeling, I enjoyed every moment of my no-class-Friday with my favorite breakfast and music. Everything was perfect till I signed into my Facebook account and a message popped up within minute at the bottom of my Facebook page. It was that guy again who I don't feel comfortable with.

I still remember, each conversation with him will ended up in decreasing my self confident because he is so much concern with my physical look. Well, I didn't mind to give him another chance to chat with me, in the hope that my perception on him will slightly change. Who know I might be wrong and what he had said before is sincerely for my own good? I believe in everyone deserve a second chance, or more.

So, the conversation is exactly like this, (copy and paste) just I have changed his name.

Stranger :
Hi. How is things?
Me :
Morning. ya.. things good. How bout u?
Stranger : I m ok. have u ever thinking of changing ur hairstyle?
Me :
Ya. thought of that. till the day I have enough with long hair. y?
Stranger : Didnt mean u should cut ur hair ...but i different looks. should be refreshing. go for it...i support u.
Me : haha.. yup. i did go to my hair stylist and she doesn't allow me to shorten my hair. she said keep it for another a month or so, then only cut. i will change when my mood is there.. :)
Stranger : U should try a new looks. tat lift u up to another level
Me : Thanks. I wonder... what is the another level u mean?
Stranger : hiaw si. keep adding guy
Me : o_O. lol... i am not interested in that..
Stranger : Facebook is ur waiting list ka? haha
Me : Waiting list?
Stranger : the quit for u to choose from
Me : lol.. haha... well they are plenty but then I don't hope to use physical look to attract ppl
Stranger : er...trust me...u r not. haha
Me : haha.. i guess i know what u mean. not attractive enough when come to physical look right? don worry. i can still survive.. :)
Stranger : dont be sad la. u not tat bad
Me : haha. don't worry. i am not sad.. :)
Stranger : just u r not the Magen Fox type...u know *he even spelled her name wrongly*
Me : i can't be because it is not me. but others can.. trust me

Right after I typed that last sentence, I closed the conversation box and decided not to reply. I seriously got annoyed with such person who keep on complaining and advising me to improve my physical look ever since the first day he chatted with me. You see, if he knows me personally in real life and is a very close friend of mine, I don't mind accepting critics and suggestion. However, this guy who is a complete stranger to me has to rely on photos I uploaded in Facebook or my blog to give his professional critics.

Do you think I should accept whatever he had said to me?
No and never.

Criticizing on someone's physical look is something I hate the most as they don't even know how to define and respect uniqueness. If every female has to be like Jessica Alba or Megan Fox (like he said), why doesn't God just create human to use asexual reproduction like binary fusion, budding and etc rather than the complicated sexual reproduction? Then you can have Megan Fox at every corner of the globe like this:


Using asexual reproduction...

Well, He doesn't because he wants to create everyone with own uniqueness in every aspect starting from mentally, physically and spiritually. If you want to just focus on the physical look, ok then. Answer me, why do we have different DNA and fingers print?

I have enough toleration with such people and I will not give a damn on what they had or will say on me. I guess, I should make my words strong and bold to send the message to those who are concerning on my or others physical appearance.

"I respect myself for being who I am and I am grateful to both of my parents for bringing me into this world with the permission of God. I may not have an out-standing look which will kill anyone by just one glance. However, I will not complain. In fact, I accept myself and am concern with what I can contribute to the world rather than hiding at a corner, regretting for not being born like Megan Fox".


By the way, I am not planning to be a super model or celebrity. So, please.. stop complaining on how I look. If you don't feel comfortable with it, don't visit my blog. Enough said.

I guess, sometimes I am too nice to people which in the end allow them to take advantages of me. If you know me personally, you will know that I am an open-minded person and I can accept whatever joke or critic. However, there is a limit and I will stand up and combat to disrespect statement when I can feel the stretches at heart and fire in mind.

My favorite quota of the day:

"What happen when someone said you are not Megan Fox type and thus you're not attractive? Shrugged, smiled and said, 'I am not her but me'".

This is me.

P/s: Thanks June for correcting me about the right spelling for Megan fox. I followed exactly what he wrote. And sorry to Megan Fox's fans.