08 July 2009

You Touched My Heart, MJ

I woke up feeling grief and empty. My eyes are still red and puffy. I thought it was a nightmare where everything will back to normal once the dream ends. But I was wrong. It wasn't a dream, it is a reality. Micheal Jackson has really left us for now and forever. I was forced to accept the truth when the King of Pop's casket appeared on the television screen for the very first time (Los Angeles, California- CNN).

My family and I had stayed till 4am just to watch the whole MJ Memorial via CNN live. Words, songs and dances from Micheal Jackson's family and close friends have really teared my heart apart. What makes my heart sank is that no one ever remember his good deed, his contribution to the world until he is dead. Before this, accusation, rumours and gossips were what we always heard from the media. That's really upsetting.

I must say, I am lucky enough to be able to listen to his friend and family tribute during in the memorial about Micheal Jackson. It makes me understand MJ more and I will take him as my role model for having a sincere and kind heart in helping the poor and the unfortunate one. You will never be forgotten - never ever in my life. That's for sure.

I love you, MJ.
Thanks God for giving me a chance to have him before.

P/s: I know I have blogged about him before and the media just can't stop reporting about him. Well, I don't care because I can't stop myself not thinking about him after looking at the memorial. His songs, his achievement, his family and friends have touched my heart, and always will.

Watch CNN for Micheal Jackson's Memorial if you haven't. It will bring you into emotional ride, just like what I am feeling now.