17 July 2009

Spicy Egg At Nagomi

Firstly, don't ask me why I put 'spicy egg' in this blog post title. I have no idea as the words just flicked in my mind. It refers me by the way.

These photos have just reminded me on how tasty the food is when the three of us, May, Mrs J and I decided to give Nagomi a try when we were wandering around the mall, few weeks ago.

I shall say, it is a real good choice to have lunch together with 2 students and one teacher in such a quiet yet comfortable environment. I seriously love the setting and the decoration as they match my mood and feeling. Good one!

I'm so liking this picture! =)

I have hardly been to any Japanese restaurant if not Sushi King, Shogun, Saisaki and Jagoya (wait, is Jagoya included too). So, spending time in exploring the menu and experimenting the food has become a fun activity for the three of us.

While waiting for the food, we had a real long conversation and at the same time didn't stop ourselves from cam-whoring. Well, there is no way a blogger, especially me, myself will miss a chance for photo capturing right? Or else, there will be no use, bringing digital camera along.

So, here are our set lunch!

Mrs J's & May's



(Without flash?)

(With flash?)

P/s: You know what, I am starving here. I just can't stop my mouth from watering, staring at all these pictures and things wouldn't be this worse if I didn't do that painful surgery on my wisdom tooth few days ago. I am glad I ate something as nice as this before the surgery. Well, no worries, my sunshine will come back again and I will eat whatever I fancy! Muahaha.. XD

Most of my friends are curious to know that why I am so close with my secondary school teacher even until now? Well, I guess she is a sweet, warm, kind and generous teacher who will try her best to get in touch with her students no matter how far the distance is. I am glad to know her and I am serious.

I am waiting for more outing with her in future.
When ya teacher?

*hint hint*