30 March 2010

You’re Brave, My Dear Niece

My cousin-in-law has just passed away 2 days ago. Still remember my ‘cancer’ post which I have blogged like 3 weeks ago? Well, yes.. she is the one.


I had attended her funeral yesterday morning with my family. It was a sorrow moment (of course it is a sorrow moment. what am I writing here? knock my head) of everyone in the family as well as her friends who attended.


The feeling of lost is slightly different comparing to my grandmother. It is more heart-breaking. I guess, it is due to the age as well as the people who she leaves behind?


She dies at young age because of lung cancer. She leaves her 5 year old daughter, alone with the husband. I know she has tried her best fighting with the cancerous cells from the first day she discovered about the disease until the end of her last breath. Never had she given up any second, wasting time to end her life earlier although she suffered throughout the cancer-fighting-journey. I believe she is doing this for her husband, her daughter, her family and herself.




She is courageous, determined, loving and strong. These are the values which I want to learn from her – never give up until your very last breath. Thank you my dear cousin-in-law for the valuable lesson you have left me.


Being an aunt for a 5 year old niece, I feel very much for her. I can’t imagine if I am in her shoes. I seriously can’t imagine if I loss either one of my parents at her age. She might not understand the loss right now, but for long term while she is growing up, I guess she will feel the ‘loss’ more. Well, I hope she will be strong throughout the growing up journey. Hugs…




Before I end this post, I would like to thank some of you for being caring with my cousin-in-law, my niece and even myself in Facebook, Twitter as well as this blog. It is touching to read about your concern, prayer and blessing. Thank you.


May you have a happy life which filled love, wealth and success.