07 March 2010

Say “Welcome” To My Hermit Crabs!

I know some of you are so excited to find out what type of new pets I am raring right now. Well, thanks to Twitter and Facebook for the effectiveness in spreading the news. Yesterday, I had taken a picture of the plastic bag which actually containing my new pets via my mobile phone and published it instantly to my account. The amazing thing is, I received good responses from my facebook friends on my trivial question, “Guess what new pets have I just bought?





Well, I believe my blog post title has already answered you. The new pets which I am raring right now are: HERMIT CRABS!!!




I guess you might be surprise with this answer (except Mac because he had heard from me like months ago when I was still deciding whether to buy or not to buy) because this is so rare. It is like no one will ever think of raring a crab? Let it be Hermit Crab. Lol..




Believe it or not, I love raring hermit crabs! I love them so much! Although I admit that I didn’t feel comfortable touching these crabs when I first bought them (which is yesterday), still I love them so much. I even have named them as Finfin (male) and Eggie (female).



Notes: They are actually very active and energetic till I have to press them with my fingers to stop them from crawling so fast away before my camera manage to give a nice shoot.


Why are you giving me disbelief look?


If you are thinking that keeping Hermit Crab is a rare hobby, or weird or crazy idea, you are wrong! You are definitely wrong because… Here are my good list of answers.



Why you should keep them:


1) They are so cute!!!

I realized they have their own personality which is very active, adventurous, smart, charming and most importantly cute!! Put them on the table and you can start watching them crawling side-way, all around your table. They’re even good at climbing. Watch these!



hermit10   hermit19


2) Small in size

Small, thus easy to be kept. They just required a small place to live. Anyway, they will grow and if I am not mistaken, the biggest size will be like a compact camera. Ok lah, if they come until that size, then it will not be considered as ‘small in size’. Whatever. It is still cute! =P





3) Low maintenance

Guess what? Each baby hermit crab which I bought cost me RM5 each. Then, you will need to buy salt (which is sold in the shop for RM1 ) and water spray(you don’t have to buy if you have one at home). You will have to dilute the salt into the water and spray those crabs twice a day (or whenever their habitat has dried off). As for food, you can either buy Hermit Crab Food at the pet shop or just get from your own kitchen! They eat fruits and vegetable like apple, pear, cabbage. Oh ya, and even rice! =D





4) Something new!

It is obviously something new for most of us (especially ME!). Well, let me just ask you this, have you come across with anyone who rare Hermit Crab other than me? (if you have, then just don’t ask this question. Lol). So, this is something new to be explored of. If you are a kind of person who like new and fresh stuff, try them!


Also, there is something new to be explored especially about their personality. These photos are arranged according to the sequence. What can you observe?


hermit22  hermit24     





5) Learn National Geography from them

I am currently doing my ‘National Geography’ on these 2 creatures. My eyes just can’t take off from them whenever I am in the room. I wanna see them moulting and change their ‘house’. Their houses are shells. Once they moult which is an indication showing they are growing, they will need a bigger ‘house’ to fit their body. That’s when the shell changing will happen. And I wanna see them mating and producing eggs! I wonder will I be able to see this…



hermit15  hermit17 


6) They are so therapeutic

Watching them climbing, playing, falling and eating can create a therapeutic atmosphere especially when you are having a hectic or lonely life. It is good to have them around when your eyes and mind can rest once in a while by looking at them. Besides, you can laugh at their silliness most of the time when you see them keep on falling down from stone, or somewhere high. Lol




9) No sound, no odour, what else?

Unlike dog or cat, they bark and meow a lot, aren’t they? I had rare a Chihuahua dog before and she sometimes irritated me with her high-pitch bark. Well, I love Mandy (the dog) so much and it is not that I hate or dislike her. I love dog and wish to keep one after Mandy’s death. However, it is impossible to rare dog at condominium.. =(


Next, mum dislike pets that will produce unpleasant odour, like cat, mouse, hamster, bird and etc. Those smell is sometimes unbearable.


So, one of the best things about Hermit Crab is, they don’t bark, ‘meow’ or churp. And they don’t produce smell, just like fish. Cool isn’t it? =D



8) Many and many more!

Let me discover the rest and I shall share them with you.. =D





For your information, I took about half a year deciding whether to keep them as my pets. One of the reasons is because of, I am afraid that I might not know how to rare them since it is something new to me. Next, I am scare of their movement and their legs.. Lol..


hermit2 hermit3 hermit4



Well, no worries. I am getting better on them.






End of post. So, what do you think about them? =)


P/s: Till now, I don’t know which is Finfin and which is Eggie because.. they look almost the same.. =_=


P/p/s: Sorry for publishing this post late. I thought this will take roughly 30-40 minutes. I didn’t aware of the time I had taken in blogging about my new pets. I might have being so excited and write non-stop! lol..