08 March 2010

1 Minute Fame On 8TV

Yesterday incident was like a dream to me.



Wait. In fact, it is this morning. My blog, http://curryegg.blogpsot.com is being featured as ‘blog of the week’ on 8TV Channel, Nite Live at 12.45am. Whooooooaa….


That’s cool isn’t it?


Seriously, I have never thought of my eggie blog will appear in a local tv program which is as a result of high responses among the Twitter users who follow @8tvnitelive. Thank to @Angelkein for suggesting it first and supported by @Suresh89 and the rest. You guys are rock!



Well, I have never come across with Nite Live program because firstly, I rarely stay late for tv program. Secondly, ever since my house has been subscribing to Astro, my time for local tv programs is totally zero. So, my awareness to the existence of this show is again, zero.





Somehow, I feel that it is a blessing because there are people who suggested my blog to be featured in the TV program; there are people who supported the suggestion; there is a person who personally called me, telling me that my blog is being selected as the ‘blog of the week’'; there are people who are happy and excited with the news by reading from my tweets and FB status.. =))



Thank you people for creating such a memorable memory for me. Although it is not like an Oscar award, or a Noble prize or something XXXL (extra extra extra large), still I am happy because me, my blog and my HERMIT CRABS are being mentioned. Lol…


Talking about hermit crabs, I am kinda jealous to them. Why? You see, I have been blogging  for 3 years and I had never appeared in the TV until lately, I bought Finfin and Eggie. I blogged about them on 8-3-2010 at 12.40am and the next 24 hours, my blog appeared in the television and my HERMIT CRABS GET THE MOST ATTENTION!!!



I thought I am the one who suppose receive the majority highlight, at least the name of ‘curryegg’ lah..


Anyhow, I should thank finfin & eggie too because they might bring me ‘ong’ (luck). That is why, my blog get featured once the post of them being published. Lol…. just an assumption.. =P


So, hear is the imperfect video clip which I managed to snap when my blog appeared. There is handphone ring tone in the middle of the clip. That is @suresh89 who is so kind, worrying I might miss that part. Thank you bro.. =)




Now I can add another chapter into my ‘curryland’.

Thank you guys.  muacks!



P/s: By the way, you should read curryegg.blogspot.com too even if you are not free.. because there are too many good stuff you can find here (other than ‘snails’ pictures) =)