12 March 2010

Friends & Penang Island

First of all, thank you again for all the sincere wishes which you have showered me when I was still enjoying the first time ever ‘1 minute fame’ in my life! It is great to received such a long list of comments from you guys (emmm.. also a hint encouraging you to leave more comments for me in future post including this. lolx).

Well,  it is time to get back into the reality world in which this Curryegg or Kelly Tan still remain the same. Nothing has changed in this person nor her blog. Thus, you can enjoy the original taste of this 'curyegg dish’. Haha… sounds so much like a joke.


So, here is my latest post: Friends & Penang Island


Frankly, I have attempted to blog about this for twice but obviously, the last 2 attempts was a failure. Still remember in my last few posts, in which I screamed, shouted and complained in the middle of the time for losing all my post, unsaved? (it is written here: Eeeerrgggghhh GONE!)


It wasn’t a good experience honestly, especially when you have thrown so much feeling and emotions into a single post, described by thousands of words. Even till now, I am still worried that I might loss this post in split seconds although I am protected with ‘high security’! The trauma… wwhooooo…. scary.


I should call this ‘blogauma’ (blog+trauma) :


Blogauma (Blo.gau.ma)


Definition: An abnormal situation/behavior in which a blogger is consistently afraid of losing all her/his data while he is blogging.


Anyway, I am sure that this time, this post is going to be published no matter how. I have high confidence over my ‘strategy’. Or else…. I will not blog about this anymore… *serious tone*


Weeks ago, while everyone was still excited welcoming the first 15 days of the Tiger year, my friends, cousins and I had been to a ‘Spend-time-together-CNY-walk’ at Penang Island. There were about 10 of us.



Including the one who was the loyal photographer (lol).


It was a wonderful trip, thus a beautiful memory for me. I had never been to this place although I have stayed Penang for yearssssss… (Wei… I stay in the mainland k, not in the island..). Sorry to tell you that I don’t even know what is the name of this place. All I know is, this place is near Komtar and Perangin Mall. And, I don’t bother to google it because I am lazy. Oopss..


While I first stepped into this place, I was amazed. This place was seriously beautiful which initially thought I was in China, celebrating Chinese New year. There were Chinese decoration almost everyway. I spotted people wearing traditional Chinese customs (not just cheong sam and cheong fu) walking around the streets.


w8  w10 


Magnet decoration items. They are cute, aren’t they? Ahhww.. They are made by clay. So cute!!!

w15  w6 w7 w5


Spotted my secondary school music and english teacher in his orange and brown, flora motif shirt. I wish I have the chance to say, “Good afternoon sir! How are you sir?”. Well, no chance as he was too busy with his work.


island10  Everyone loves group photo!




I KNOW THIS PLACE!!!  It is called: Khoo Kongsi.


w12 w13   Alice with her natural smile. =D

coolegg Remember this photo? It was taken here, at Khoo Kongsi. Cool isn’t it? =D


The lovely couple <3ww

Spotted tourists with their DSLRs. I guess they must be tired too.

ww2 ww32

I just simple love this place especially this template. What an elegant, ancient Chinese temple. Magnifying view.



The cousins group =D


The very first question popped up in my mind while I saw these people in traditional custom passed by us was, “Not hot meh? So many layer of long kain”.




Well, I totally felt the heat which is as a result of the big amount of carbon dioxide produced by the crowds as well as the hot weather in Penang Island. I had been sweating all the way for hours and hours before I managed to get back into Mac’s car. Terrible! Luckily I just put a mild make-up or else, everything will melt and ruin my face!


Lesson: Put less or no make-up while going to such place.




I love these pictures. It might not be as good as a real DSLR or semi-pro camera, I am still satisfy with my so called ‘skill’. Now, I don’t need a DSLR to make a DSLR effect. Right? *trying to convenience myself*



Back to my story. The reasons why I insisted to write this blog post, is because of I want to capture whatever memory I can retrieved from the journey into this single post, attaching with photos which I took (and from Mac’s camera too). I really have a great time with all them time, including my seniors, juniors, new friends and cousins as it is hard for us to gather as a group when everyone is busy with their studies/work. Plus, they are awesome people whom I love to spend my time with.



We don’t gossip much, which is seriously an important criteria I am looking for. Because, in my opinion, gossiping too much can lead to accusation which is unhealthy and not fair to the ‘victim’. If you can feel your tongue is burning right now, as a result of my words, I am sorry. But then, think of this question and ask yourself: “How much do I know about him/her?”.


Honestly, I find gossiping is a waste of time because I can’t learn from it. In addition, it affects my first impression over a person before I manage to give myself a chance to understand him/her better. It is unfair for me and that person, don’t you think so? Rather than spending time on pin-pointing other’s weaknesses, why spend your time in doing something beneficial for yourself? Like drawing, hiking, public speaking, eating, sleeping or etc?


P/s: Caring and gossiping are two different situations. Caring is a way where you ask about other’s progress with sincerity to know how others are doing whereas gossiping is a behaviour of where you dig, add, filter and alter other’s story to make it interesting.


Besides, they are out-going, friendly, warm, adventurous and most importantly… they love cam-horing as much as I DO! Well, who don’t? Lol…


  island4 island5



Imagine lah, if I am the only one who love cam-whoring while others leave me or give me disbelief look all along the journey, where is the fun? And if they don’t like it, there wouldn’t be much group photos in this post. Yes?




Gosh.. now I miss them. I miss my old buddies. I miss my secondary school friends. I miss my National service friends. I miss my tuition friends. I miss my junior. I miss my senior. I miss my coursemates. I miss my blogger friends. I miss Eric’s friends (just had dinner with them awhile ago) and I miss everyone whom I have come across with.




Well, I don’t know why I have created such a sentimental ending of this post. I guess, my heart has been filled with too much love, warmth and sincerity from people around me in all this while. Thank you for being my friends and providing me with your care, love and support all this while. I appreciate to have you guys in my life. Friends matter… I love you all!!! =D







I need to end this post quickly or I will drag things and ended up writing 10 posts in a single post. Lol… Bye~