02 March 2010

Baby, Say Hello to 3

I was busy leaving birthday wishes on my friends’ walls in Facebook (6 of them!) just awhile ago before I realized it is my baby’s birthday. IT’S MY BABY’S BIRTHDAY!!!






Oh Mama Eggie.. How can you forget her?

*smack herself*


I… I… (trying to find excuses)..

I… I…. I…. am busy. Very busy. You see, I was rushing here and there, from Centre to North, North to Centre, and from Centre to South. Then, from South back to Centre. Everything was so packed because it was Chinese New Year. So, like it or not, I will still join my family and visit whichever place we can go and knock whoever’s door we can. The reason is because, I value close bonding between my family and the extended families both from my mother’s and father’s sides (the relatives).


Anyway, I believe there is no any further travelling from me, I guess so lah. Since Chap Goh Mei is already over (the end of Chinese New Year) and I am in the middle of my semester, I will start to be busy with my assignments, tests and dates! I mean, dates with clients for my counseling session, the ‘pak we’ and the ladies.


Due to my ‘extra-ordinary’ life, I have good reasons to accidentally forget my baby’s birthday right? Yes?


Thus, forget mama will you my dear eggie baby?


Ahhhhwww… don’t pout. Mama promises you that, I will blog more often, come up with interesting posts, capture more memorable photos and fill in new idea! Well, not being able to reveal what the ‘new idea’ is but will try my best to make it done as soon as possible.


That’s good.. I can see you smiling oledi..






Mama Eggie’s Wishes:



Mama hopes that you will keep on growing, stay wherever you are with Blogger.com, supported by more ads (mama needs money to buy chilies), visited by more caring people (especially family & friends), grow beautifully, share whatever you have and most importantly, leave positive impact on anyone who comes to you. It is always good to be able to inspire others or at least create a smile before they leave this blog, don’t you think so babe?



Trust me, things are not going to be the same after today. There just wouldn’t be because I am growing, and she is growing [Equation: KellyTan growing = CurryEgg growing]. Expect more cam-whoring photos from me!


DSC09067 Yes, I am growing! Not kids anymore k?

*serious tone*



The level of spiciness of this pot of curry will be increased from time to time. So, WATCH OUT!!!


Again, Happy Birthday to you again!!! Happy being in your 3-year-old journey. Mama loves you always. XOXO <3