01 June 2007

Mobile Phone, Eggs cooker?

Finally, I can post something related to my blogs- Egg!
Haha... Yesterday, I went out with my mum's colleague. She told me something interesting.

"Girl, do you know that you can cook an egg with your hand phone?", she said me.

"Uhh?!!", I was stunned.

Recently, she found out this news from our local newspaper. She advised me not to talk on the cellphone for too long. I knew using a mobile phone for more than 5 minutes will damage our neuron cells (brain cells). My previous Biology teacher, Madam Vicky told this before.

So this morning, I tried to search on the website for that interesting news and I luckily, I found it! Gosh! It is scary man! Witness this with your own pair of eyes.

As we may know, cell phone radiation is harmful to our health. It may damage our neuron cells just in seconds. To prove this fact, many scientists in the world have been working hard on numerous experiments in finding the effects since some years ago.

One of the interesting experiment:

Cook Eggs With Your Cell Phone!!


I'm trying to learn the recipe from the website and here they are:
  1. Take an egg from the fridge and place it in the egg cup (not stainless steel or metal) in the centre of the table.

  2. Switch on the radio or hifi and turn it up to a comfortable volume.

  3. Switch on phone A and place it on the table such that the antenna (the pokey thing at the top) is about half an inch from the egg (you may need to experiment to get the relative heights correct - paperbacks are good if you have any - if not you may be able to get some wood off cuts from your local hardware shop).

  4. Switch on phone B and ring phone A then place phone B on the table in a similar but complementary position to Phone A.

  5. Answer phone A - you should be able to do this without removing it from the table. If not, don't panic, just return the phone to where you originally placed on the table.

  6. Phone A will now be talking to Phone B whilst Phone B will be talking to Phone A.

  7. Cooking time: This very much depends on the power output of your mobile phone. For instance, a pair of mobiles each with 2 Watts of transmitter output will take three minutes to boil a large free range egg. Check your user manual and remember that cooking time will be proportional to the inverse square of the output power for a given distance from egg to phone.

  8. Cut out these instructions for future reference.

Their Result:

After 15 minutes: The egg became slightly warm.
25 minutes: The egg became very warm.

40 minutes: The egg became very hot.

65 minutes: The egg was cooked. (As you can see.)

Horrified! Is this real or what? An egg really will cook?
I wish that I can try this experiment but... It's quite costy! Just imagine, a minute call for Maxis costs for RM0.15. If I need to cook an egg, I need to spend around RM9.75...

Let me do the maths:

1 minutes = RM 0.15
65 minutes = RM 0.15 x 65 minutes
= RM 9.75

Who know it may cost even more if the egg remain uncooked or half cook within 65 minutes? Hoho... It will be more than RM10 soon...
I know, RM 9.75 and above may be just a small amount but hey! I'm not working... kek sim (sad) to spend it... Since RM 10 I can buy 2 plates of chicken rice, 3 bowls of curry noodles or 10 cans of coke instead. lol... haha...I'm kiam siap. (Stingy)

I think when I get a sponsorship from any generous people around, I'll try to prove this experiment with my own hands. Who know, it may cost more if the egg is not cooked within 65 minutes? Hoho..
Or... Do you wanna try it either? Tell me your result if you got it.. :D