19 June 2007

My Happiest Day


I really can't sleep now although it's 12.30am.
I'm still excited now... Extremely haPPyyy HAPppy!

First of all, the IPTA (Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam) result for year 2006 has finally released!!!


Guess what? I got MU- Malayan University (NOTE: Not Manchester United)... haha..
I got what I have wanted for a long time.. Thanks God!

The result was out at around 10am but I wasn't at home at that moment. I was in....

Yup! Sunway Pyramid, playing ice-skating. It was fun. This was my second time skate on the ice. Lucky for me, I didn't fall this time. I did a great job. Before, I fell twice when I was skating with May and STC. Lol.. Of course, it was hurt!

The fake ice... haha...

This time, I'd Jane and Tatt and we've a good time there.. *happy*

Jane and Tatt
Tatt and I
Of course, Jane and I... hehe..
And the second thing is...

I was tagged by Rajeev. Guess what, he has awarded me the 'Thinking Blogger Award'!!

Thanks Rajeev. I'm really glad and proud to receive it. I'm extremely happy now and I can't even close my eyes and sleep. It's 1.30 am now... haha...

I may not be a good writer but I will try my best to improve myself. Thanks!
I'll pass the memetag some other day.. I'll search for the 5 ideal bloggers.
So stay tune... :D