27 June 2007

The Danger of X-ray

Last Saturday was my first time, doing an X-ray. Although it's not painful, there is a side effect. I think most of you should know about radiation right? Radiation is the silence killer. There are alpha, beta and gamma rays. Of course we can't see them but the scientists have identified them for us.

X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation with the wavelengths around 10-10 meters. They are hard x-ray and soft x-ray. OK. Stop this Physic concept. What we should concern of is the gamma ray.

Gamma rays
The gamma rays are the most dangerous form of radiation emitted by a nuclear explosion because of the difficulty in stopping them. They can pass through our skins directly since gamma-rays are not stopped by the skin. That's mean, the rays will destroy our body cells and even kill them.

Uhhhwww.. It's far more dangerous than the mobile ways! Some studies say that they will cause leukemia, lung, liver, skeletal and other cancer if we expose ourselves too long for these gamma rays.

The clinic that I went
The X-ray machine
The machine

The stuff who monitor the machine...
Jane who was doing the X-ray... wearing just the white *clothes...
We've to take off (except the pants) everything include the bra.. aiyo

*clothes- I don't know the word.. lol...sorry..

Actually, I know this fact for a long time but I still need to do the X-ray. And the most stupid thing that I had ever done.... was... I stayed in the X-ray room for quite a long time to take the pictures. *regret*

THe result

I think there are a lot of cells of mine being destroyed by these stupid rays. Eerrr.... I'm stupid now!

  • Never stay in the X-ray room for too long
  • Never wait your friend
Last but not least, don't do any X-ray more than once in the period of 6 months. If the staff have captured wrongly and want to snap your X-ray for the second time, DON'T! You can sue them instead.