30 June 2007

Same tags

I'm tagged by Gingy and Vitruvian. Thanks girls. Thanks for remembering me. Both of the tags are similar to what I've done few months ago.
To view it, click here.

Anyway, I feel like answering these tag again. Remember, this is P&C (personal and confidential) Lol... so shh.... keep these as secret between you and me.

Here are another 8 facts about me:
  1. I can sms without looking at the screen. That's mean, while I'm half sleeping, my fingers are still active in pressing words on the key pad.
  2. I love curry. I love my tongue being hurt by hot and spicy curry. Uhhh... yummy.. ;)
  3. I love Royal Jelly body shampoo. Have you tried? The aroma is lovely and I'm dying for it.
  4. I want a dog! I owned a chihuahua before but she was dead in an accident. Ohh.. I miss you, Mandy.. :(
  5. Sports - I'm into volleyball, basketball, swimming and marathon (BEFORE) but now... I can't.. sob... Because I'm to lazy to move.
  6. Make-up - I really don't have any idea in how to make myself prettier. I don't know how to make-up. I'm stupid in this. Girls should know this right? Sad... I should learn..
  7. I'm sensitive to smell, sound and color. I can detect a smell very well especially food. I can hear people who are discussing about gossip although they are just whispering. And I hate ugly graphic. BEwAre of me.. Lol...
  8. Sentimental songs- I love sentimental songs. I feel comfortable and relaxing while listen those loving songs. Some have even touched my heart :)

So, here are another 8 facts about me. Whoever who are interested can just pick this tag and blog them. I shall write another post later before attending the orientation week tomorrow. See ya... ;)