23 June 2007

Body Check-Up

I can surf the internet now at my grandma's house! They've just bought a new computer and I can blog now. Oh ya, I'm now in my hometown, Penang...

I've done my body check up some hours ago.
Let me tell you what I've done:
  1. General Examinations
  2. Examination of eye
  3. Examination of ear
  4. Oral cavity
  5. Heart
  6. Respiration system - X-ray!
  7. Abdomen & Hernial Orifices
  8. Nervous system & Mental Condition
  9. Musculoskeletal system
  10. Urine - Categories: Sugar, albumin, microscopy

Em... guess what is my result? Don't worry... NORMAL!!! Hehe....

That's mean I'm qualified to enter University. haha... There are some pictures that I've took in these few days but I can't download it into this computer. I've forgotten to take my USB connection wires. And I'll try to snap the 'Jawa Mee' for Wendy.. haha...

Looking back on my To-Do list, I've done almost half of them.

Meet my teachers:
Well, I've met my biology teacher (Pn Vicky) yesterday and she was happy for me and Jane since we got the offer. We just couldn't stop chit-chatting for that whole morning. It felt like we never leave the school before. Haha... What a happy moment ;D

Meet my friends:
I met my friends last night in a Chinese hawker food. Let me count... there were around 9 of us. 2 of us will go to Sabah (East Malaysia), another 2 will go to Perlis, 1 Penang, 1 Terengganu and 3 to Kuala Lumpur (Jane, JX and I). Wow! We're separating and we're getting further apart. Ohh... I'll miss them a lot especially Ghee and Hao who will travel to UMS, Sabah next week. sob... :(

Greet my relatives:
It's good to know that my grandma is in good health. She did an operation before for the ovary and now, she is better. I shall visit my aunt later.. Play around with my cousins. hehe... *Happy*

Eat favourite dishes:
Ooohhh! I haven't grabbed a bowl of laksa till now... Uuhh...sad.. I don't have a car now. Never mind, I think I should cycle and grab a bowl now! Yummy... Anyway, my grandma's special 'bak chang' (Chinese dumpling) is yummy... iciban! There are a lot now!

Service my CPU:
Delay. Insufficient time... Oops!

Buy some clothes:
Postpone to next week.

I'm travelling now. Lol... to my hometown, Penang..

Body check-up:
DONE! *yeah*

Finally, here is another good news!
Ohhh... I'm so happy when Soul&Body has nominated me for the 2nd Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks again... I really appreciate it.. This award has enhance my brain power since now and then.. haha... thanks... *hugs* ;)

I'll upload some photos in these few days. So, please check them out!

P/s: To new visitor, thanks for visiting.. happy to see you here... ;)