16 June 2007

Trauma For Waiting


I've been visiting this website for a day.... And I failed to get my answer.

I was being cheated by the faking news about my local University feedback. Some rumors said that the result will be released yesterday (15 June 07) but liar! It is untrue... Sob... I was so worry for whole day. Those questions keep spinning in my mind:
    • How if I'm not being accepted?
    • How if I've to go to the private university?
    • Can my parents afford the fee?
    • Am I wasting my time for waiting?
I've been waiting for the university feedback since the past 6 months and I'm in trauma now for waiting. Lol... Can the Ministry Of Higher Education of Malaysia please kindly speed their work? We're far behind now. It's now in the middle of June and there are another 15 days before the local University intake. So, can you please let us know earlier and give us some times to prepare ourselves? The private colleges have started their course and we're LATE!
LATE for everything..

Sob... No matter how bad the result will be... just let me know and I can plan for my future soon..
And I can stop wasting my valuable time....

Oh ya... thanks for the Blogs Of The Day for awarding this awards for me in the past Sunday. I didn't realise this until I've received a comment from them .
THanks a lot... *hugs*

It means a lot to me and I'm really glad and proud to receive it..... especially now.. during in this sorrow moment of mine....
At least, I have a little achievement in the blogosphere.
Millions of thanks..

Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

And my dear pals, try to nominate your blogs. It'll be great to see you participating together....