17 June 2007

Maid Who Stuck At 12th Floor

I was stunned when I read this article in the NST (New Strait Time) this morning. I was wondering why there is such a cruel employer in Malaysia. I really feel ashamed with this issue.

She, Shamelin, a 33 years old foreigner maid has been abused by her employer since a month ago.

She said, "My employer is a woman in her 30s and I live alone with her in the unit on the 15th floor," she said.

"She has a bad temper. She tries to strangle me. If I make a mistake, she will starve me. She has hurt me so many times by beating me."

Living in such an unpleasant life, she decided to escape yesterday, using the window of 15th floor condominium in Sentul, Malaysia when her employer was not around.

Oh My God! It was scary man!

She used the knotted pieces of clothes as a rope and climbed down? Aiyo!!! How dangerous it was! How if the the knots were not strong enough? And how about if the clothes were torn when she was climbing down?

Anyway, she was 'smart'. She did some preparation before going down : Throwing some mattresses on the ground.

But here is the climax. She got cold feet as she descended to the 12th floor. Why? Because she was frightened when she look down from the 12th floor. She froze there immediately...

Never look down when you're climbing down from high level. Just look at your hands, the sky, the view.. lol...

Fortune is on her side because..... SUPERMEN was there!!!! Lol...
Residents at the condominium saw Shamelin hanging from a rope. Soon, they alerted firemen who were in the building for a drill. How lucky she was... amitabha..

Hey There!
This is a serious issue and employers especially in Malaysia, please take notice! We don't want to hear any news about the maid neither on how a maid is trying to escape, how a maid poison her boss nor how maids are being abused and killed! This is not a new issue. This is an over-10-years issue! I'm bored here...

Uhh.... We should learn to tolerance among ourselves. Besides, every human beings should be treated fairly. I believe that if we know how to respect and care for one and another, problem can be solved in a good way. Don't you think so?