25 June 2007

The Mischievous Little Girl

Those photos that I'm loading now are not a travel photos. It's just something about me. Hope that you won't get disappointed.

Still remember where I'd been for the past few days? Don't tell me you've forgotten. *sob*
Well, I am lucky to have my mum... a super 'caring' mum. She made us a herb drink and it was 'Yummy'... ;(

A black soya source? (Kicap?)

Cheers Jane~

I drank

She drank

Ok ok.. I lie. It's not yummy... :(
Well, I didn't snap any of our funny look since both of us had fainted as soon as the drink touched our throat. *yuck!*

Overall, we had a pleasant time in the car, ACCEPT the drink. Lol... We are lucky to get a ride on my cousin's car. Look! There is a small tv. See? hehe... ;D

TVB- Hong Kong drama movie

The journey took around 5 hours. It's time consuming but things are worthy when we can meet our relatives and of course..... this little girl too.
Her age
: 18 months

What a pose!

Do you realise my title for this post? Mischievous Little Girl. I know I know, you think that I'm wrong to label her as a naughty girl. Anyway, just scroll down your mouse. Just listen to me.

While I was playing with her...


Ah chiak! haha..

Cute pose

She's so happy..

She was so cute as first but.....

Hey girl! Come Back!!!

Climbing the door gate...
Trying to escape...
Examine the pad lock..
Failed, soon she rang the door bell... *Ding Dong*

I had tried to grab her but her muscles were so strong. She just couldn't let go her hands from the gate. Err....

To stop her from that dangerous activity, I tried to trick her by stealing her dogs (toys) in front of her. Guess what? She was so angry and immediately climbed down and got me! Hoho...

I wonder, how does her grandma (my aunt) babysit her in this few years?
She... she.... play mahjong? Gosh!

Innocent look- "Don't scold me"

She was trying to ask me to play with her. So I sit down and took her photos



Wow! She knows??? @_@

At night... she even gave me a surprise!
This 18-months-girl reads newspaper with spectacles? Ahhh? Are you serious?

While her grandma was in the washroom...

Stole her grandpa's specs

Trying to wear it...

Ta da... She wore it!

Today's children are so intelligence and smart. They can learn things really fast (either good or bad). However, I don't really like smart children. Why? They keep bullying me and at the end, I felt like I'm their maid... sob... ;(

Starting from today onwards, I think I should learn to handle them in a strict way. I can't imagine how my future children will treat me if I still remain unchanged. Being bullied by my own sons or daughter? Oh.... NO!!!!