14 June 2007

People Who I'm Afraid Of

Note: I was inspired by my dentist to write this post.

People Who I'm afraid of (at this moment) :


The Dentist
I just visited my dentist today for a check-up. Luckily, my teeth were still in good condition.
So he asked me, "Do you want me to clean your teeth?".

"Clean my teeth? Great!", I replied cheerfully. This was my first time doing this treatment and I knew nothing about it.

*the sound of the little mechine*

"What? Ahhhhhhhrrrrrrgggg!!!", I screamed in my heart. It was painful! My gum was hurt by the mechine and I could feel that it was bleeding. It was too late to reject.

I dared not move but just sitting there, quitely. The cleaning process took about 15 minutes. That's mean in that 15 minutes, I was fighting with fear.

Do you know what I was thinking in that 15 minutes?
"Food... Food...
Kenny Roger's roasted chicken,
Penang laksa,
double cheese hamburger,
roti canai, muruku, sushi, mushroom soup....etc..."

Haha... By the way, it works! Thanks sweety for teaching me this. Foods are the only thing that can distract my attention from pains.
After removing my hardend plaque (tartar) on my teeth, the young Chinese dentist polished my teeth and finally flossed them.

And now... "ta da!!!"
My teeth is as white as the snow. haha... My hardship is over.
Next, I was advised to visit the doctor again in another 6 months. The receptionist told me, "You wouldn't feel the pain anymore in the next visit".

Can you believe her?

This cartoon has voiced out my mind... ;D

Why beautician?

I used to have zillions of zits/pimples when I was a teenager (Am I still consider as a teenager now??). That was my hardest moment. Why you're asking? Well, I didn't have the confident to speak when the person was talking and looking straight to me. He/She will start counting:
>107 pimples!!
> curryegg, please take care of your skin!

Errr.... I hate that situation!
So, one day, I went to a beautician with the hope of clearing all the spots that I had. At first, I thought it must be a pleasant day for me. They will massage my face, applying some effective chemicals on my zits and doing a mask for refreshment. Yes, she did these but I'd never expected this horrible process:

the pricking session!

Oh my God! Of course, it was painful!!! No one tell me this before. I have to bear with the awful pains for hours.. The beautician used a sharp metal to prick my pimples and then squeezed them out! Ohhh... sakit la!
Sorry! Did you ask me, did I cry? Of course I did!
I cried, I sweat and I jumped! Lolx...

After the treatment, I was urged to buy her products and go for another treatments in the future.

"The pain will be lesser, trust me", she said.
I did go for a few treatments but hey! She lied! It's still painful!
Since then, I'd stopped stepping on her door. Instead, I went for a skin specialist and now, I'm much better!

I haven't met any surgeons right now (thanks God) but I still feel afraid.