09 June 2007

Visit Malaysia, Visit Penang.

Hello everyone. How are you?
Sorry for not blogging for a week. I was on a rushing trip.
I've something to share with you...
from Penang! hehe... :D

I just came back from Penang, my hometown. It was fun and I've fulfilled my country's mission:

Visit Malaysia Year

haha... I'm such a good citizen.. Blekk.. ;P
Before looking at those photos, here is a map about Malaysia. Penang (Pulau Pinang in Malay) is the second smallest state in Malaysia (near to Thailand). However, it is famous with her tourist attractions.

Click on this map and have a clearer view...

Now, have a closer look at the Penang map:

Penang is also known as the "Pearl of the Orient" which has been named by the British many years ago.

Ok. Let's talk about my trip. I've visited some interesting places including the temples, beach and food. Yahoo... ;D

First visit: Kek Lok Si (Air Itam)

New: On the peak of the mountain.
We reached here around 11am. Dad dropped us (my aunt and cousin) there and waited us somewhere on the bottom of the mountain. Looks like we need to do some exercises to walk down the small mountain. haha..

Once we reached there, my cousin and I immediately climbed the stairs to a higher level and have a look on the new Guan Ying statue. They are raising funds to build a new temple for this Guan Ying. If I'm not mistaken, this project has been started off since 4 years ago.

The stairs that I mean...

Golden brown Guan Ying

I put some coins in each bowls. Just for a little donation... ;)

The materials that will be use for the new Guan Ying's temple.

The view from the Guan Ying statue

New temple. I love this!

After taking almost an hour in the new temple, we spent some time in the souvenir shop. Things that are sold here will be donated to the temple. Maybe 20%? 15%?

Soon, we took a cable car to the old temple. Gosh! I never know that there is a cable car service! How dare I admit that Penang is my hometown? *smash myself*

The cable car's trip just took around 4 minutes to the old temple...

Old temple

The walls were painted with Buddha's painting...

Even there are schools having a trip to Kek Lok Si. lol...

Students.. students.. students...

Since I was small, I know that there are thousand of tortoises in this temple and we are allow to feed them... Yeah!

Feed them with 'Kang Kung' (vegetable)

Em...the water is a bit green... :(

After feeding those tortoises, we kept on walking down the hill by using the short-cut.. hehe... Oh ya.. There are a lot of shops here, selling statues, souvenir, bags, clothes.. mah jong...etc..

Along the way...

We took almost 40 minutes before meeting my dad. Of course, we were so tired and exhausted. We went to a nearby, famous laksa stall in no time... Yummy!
I love laksa!!!

I heard from my dad that this is the best laksa he ever ate....

Laksa with cold sugar cane drink! Wuoooo.... ;D

This stall is just beside the street. You can find it easily...

A lady who was making sugar-cane drink...

2nd Destination: Burma Street

After the lunch, we went to Burma street... (Lorong Burma).
This is the place where we can find Thai temple and Burma's temple which are near to each other.. just opposite.

Thai Temple

Notice: You must try this ice-cream! They are hand-made and originally from Thailand! But it's better to buy it after praying in the temple.. because you are not allow to enter the temple before finishing your ice-cream. lol...
I mean food are not allow!

We spent some times eating our ice-cream before entering the temple.
There is a huge sleeping Buddha in this temple.

This is a thin piece of gold.

Do you know what do the Siamese do using this gold?


The Burmese temple...

There was even a coin donation here.... A spinning coin donation. Hard but I was able to throw in a 20 cent coin into the success bowl. lol.. thanks. Happy...

3rd Destination: Batu Feringi

We did pass by a botanical park but I didnt snap any photos there. The journey from Burma Street to Batu Feringi took around half and hour...
We reached there at around 3.30pm. Oh no! It was hot!!!
Anyway, I didn't mind to darken my skin, again. The previous China trip has darken my skin before. SOb...

Blue sea.... and fine sand... I love them...

The children were having lot of fun here... ;)

Em.... what a romatic time they were having togather... hehe...

Big waves... but the children weren't afraid of...

Clear sea-water..

Finally, we spent our quality time in a nearby mamak stall and have our drinks there while reading a book... And we ordered goreng pisang too (My favourite...)! Fried banana!
Ah.... I love this life a lot..

The greatest view for a mamak stall.. hehe...

Oh... How I miss the trip to Penang Island...