19 June 2007

Preparation For IPTA

Firstly, a million thanks for all your wishes in my comment box. They are lovely and I can feel your support. Thanks you... *hugs*

Recently, Jane, my best friend come to my house and have a stay here for few days. Gosh! We just can't stop chatting around from day to night and I don't have time to blog! Haha... There are too many stories to be shared and I enjoy this moment a lot since we were being apart for half a year.

Yes? Why I can blog now?
Pssttt... she's not here right now and this is the reason... Shhh.... hehe... ;D

I just read the newspaper this morning and I heard there are a lot of students who fail to get a place for the local U. Some who even score good grade but are not being accepted. I wonder, what is the problem?

Did they fill the form incorrectly?
Or the competition among students are too high?
Computer problem?
Or there are some hidden issues that we never know?

No one knows....
Well, I'm truly lucky to be accepted and get a good offer in MU. I'd sms my lovely biology teacher few days ago and told her about the news.

She replied:

I'm proud of you. Congts!

Ahh... this is the sweetest words I ever heard from my teacher. Thanks teacher and I love you!
Tomorrow I'll go back to my hometown again and prepared myself for these few missions:

To-Do List:
        1. Meet my teachers- thanks them
        2. Meet my friends- Say hello and goodbye
        3. Greet my relative- Especially grandma!
        4. Eat my favourite dishes - laksa, mee suah, hokkien mee, char kuey teow, wantan mee, jawa mee... etc... *yum yum*
        5. Service my CPU - format it. *virus!!!!!*
        6. Buy some clothes.
        7. Make my last travel...(worry will be busy and don't have time to go back)
        8. Body check-up??? Do I have to? *scare*

This will be my to-do list. Curryegg, remember these oK?
Haha... lately, I feel like I've a bad memory as the age goes by... I can't remember things although it has just happened some minutes ago. Ohh.. I'm worried now.. Will I get Alzheimer's disease?

Oh ya, I've to register myself on the 1st of July 2007 and stay in the hostel for whole week - the orientation week. I heard from my senior that it'll be a torture week!


True? I'm worried now. Lol....
There will be a lot of torturing games which are prepared by the seniors.
Aiyaya... Will the games be as hard as the NS games? I mean National Service?
I don't know.... ;(