28 June 2008

Touched By Connie Talbot And Yoo Ye Eun

Sometimes, I will be very negative towards my life. I feel incomplete and unsatisfied. I didn't like to be who I am, what I have, where am I and why am I here. Sometimes, I wish to be some kind of beautiful, adorable girl who look like a Barbie doll, living in a few millions cost of house in the big city with all the luxurious toys I want. I don't know why I have this kind of thoughts but no worries, I have stopped myself from becoming such a jerk because my life is fantastic and I'm lucky to be who I'm right now.

Have you been in my shoe before?
Have you thought of being unlucky for being who you are?
Will you feel your life incomplete and imperfect?

It's very obvious that I don't have much confident in myself and that's why I complained about my single lid eyes, sensitive skin, unattractive body figure and etc.. Well, I don't complain anymore.

As I remember, I've blogged about Yoo Ye Eun, the Korean small blind pianist who has touched most of the audience's heart. I'm really proud of her for her courageous to face the public, strong will to touch the people with her music and happy to be who she is without any distraction. I'm actually feel ashame for not satisfy with myself. Do I? Yes.

Lately, I've come across with a few interesting video clips from the Youtube and have already shared with several of my friends. Ahhh, I just couldn't stop myself from sharing them again in my blog. They are worth to be shared and watched for million of times.

Have you heard about Connie Talbot? She's a young girl who owns an angelic voice. You should watch this video clips if you have never heard about her.

Britain Got Talent show (audition):

Britain Got Talent show (final):

Isn't her voice so... sweet? And she's so cute, like a little princess.. ahww..
Once you know her, you gotta watch this! This is the best part among all the video clips here. Connie Talbot been in the Star King show in Korea and she met with Ye Eun. Isn't that great? It's when 2 genius met up in a tv show!

Star King Show:

Honestly, both of them do teach me something meaningful. They had taught me to be grateful with my life and enjoy being myself. Besides, be daring to share my own talents with the people around me. Since Connie at the age of 6 dares to stand on the stage, singing the best in front of Simon Cowell while Ye Eun, at the age of 5 played the piano and sang solely in dark, why not me? Why am I so afraid to show myself?

I know I shouldn't be afraid.
I know I should stand up and be myself.
I know I should be who I am,
not somebody else.

Yes! I'm going to be the best CurryEgg who can sell million of eggs in a day!
Wait and I will be one in the future..