22 June 2008

It's Never Easy To Be An Orange Butterfly

For all this while, I thought being a butterfly is great. Why? Because I can own 2 pairs of colourful wings and a pair of cute-curly-antenna. Most importantly, I can fly and get myself some honey.

Stop day dreaming, Curryegg!!!
There is nothing as perfect as that. Trust me!!! Being a butterfly is not E-A-S-Y!!!

How do I know?
Are you seriously asking me?
Well, just look at these...

Honestly, I couldn't stop myself from giggling whenever I saw myself in the mirror. Ok.. Not giggling but laughing.. Haha..

Isn't I look... funny? Haha..
It is my mum and I homemade costume. I'm really glad to have my mum around to help me or else, I will end up wearing paper wings. That will even make me weirder.. Haha... ;D

Some of you might be asking, why am I wearing my homemake-orange-plastic-butterfly- wings? If you've read my previous posts, you will know that I have received an invitation from Nuffnang to their recent Wild 'Live' Blogging Party. That's why I'm wearing a butterfly costume. What do you think? Orange colour look like curry? Haha..

Being invited to the 'jungle' is so fun! I've never been to anything as wild as this. I can meet a lot of wild animals under one roof. Isn't that cool?!

Ok.. this look spooky... next photo please..
(I kinda like this effect.. hehe...)

There is a corner for 'live' blogging. Emm.... I didn't try it out because.. I hardly blog with my large wings.. *regret*
Bye bye PSP....

Nuffies and Pooh.. uhh?

What have you spotted? Cock? Leopard? Bunnies? Butterflies? Ladybird?
Yes. You can get any animal here. Just give a shout and those animal will appear.. Even 'Sperm Whale' was there.. hehe... (I should snap his photo as well.. uhh.. miss that..)

Being a wild-orange-butterfly is not easy but it's fun because I get the chance to make a lot of friends. How lucky I am.. *smile*
So here are my friends who I've been wanting to meet them for a long time. I read their blog and have been wondering how they look like in real life. Let me proudly present you...

Joshuan Ong
(My antenna block his face.. sorry....)
Hwei Ming
(He helps me snapping some of my photos. Thank and I need to grab them later... may I?)
Sheng Mae
Ohh.. this is one of my new friend and she is beautiful.. isn't she?

Being shot by a gun? Haha... She's cute..
At first, I thought Pamsong was Sheng Mae and Sheng Mae was Pamsong. They look alike.. But then, I know I was wrong. Well, another leng lui.. :)

Kelli Goh
She is such a friendly, cute girl. She has brighten my day during in this event.
Thank you Kel.. ;)

Li Yuan
I didn't know that she is Skyler's sister. Haha... She's a nice person.. happy to meet her.. ;)

And here are the 5 leng lui (pretty girls)...
Oopss... look like my antenna has blocked Li Yuan. Sorry.. sorry.. :(
I shouldn't make such a long antenna..

another cam-wore addictor... Haha.. Happy to know you.. :)

We're the same species.. Hehe... This is when butterfly meets butterfly.. ;D
She's a warm person. I get to know her just awhile, but she has already treats me like a friend. Thank you Ee Fei and nice to meet you.. ;)

Michelle Tan
Finally I get the chance to meet her in person. *yes*
She's a sweet girl.. ;D

Johnny Ong
Finally, he got his costume.. haha.. mooo....
Thank for offering the lift.. ;)
Dominic (Do I spell the name correctly? Do let me know... thank)
Johnny's friend, wearing crocodile.. wuu... reptile.. ;)

Simon Seow
The horse guy.. he did a creative costume.. ;)

This is Kevin
He looks like one of my ex-secondary friend. Nice guy.. ;)

The Terrorist- Elephant.. haha..
This is Shad.. And he's creative.. I guess he uses his stocking to make the trunk? lol..

This is the dragon (The legend).. hehe..
But it looks like Dino.. ;)

The sweet lovely peacock..
This is Praveen. Been waiting for her URL... ;)

This is Praveen's friend..
She has DSLR with her.. ahww... I want one.. :(

She's Skyler... and yup.. she's really tall.. @_@
I've missed the chance to snap a photo with her during Pajama party. Well, no worries because I get one right now.. *yeah*

My another new friend- the bunny.. ;)
Ahww... I like the gun.. Cool! I should wear it and become a butterfly hunter.. Uhh?

Timothy Tiah, the lion.
Ya, he's the king of the jungle- The boss.. Haha..

The cute Winnie The Pooh costume- Kennysia.
I guess it must be very hot wearing the costume??

The DJ (Liang) and Nicolas (Moo...)

They were plenty of games and I've managed to win myself 2 free GSC movie tickets. Thank Nuffnang for being so generous. Besides, they are a lot of cool prizes especially the Dell laptops! Sob.... I failed to get one but it's ok.. Both the king and queen jungle deserve the prizes.. ;)

The lion (hot, seductive) and the cow (cute, funny)..

At 10p.m, the party was over and I was preparing to go back. Before that, we did have a group photo shoot. Too bad, I don't have them right now and I'm waiting for the guys to pass them to me.. I'll wait here patiently.. *wink*

Before leaving Modesto's, I met Aronil! Yeah.. finally.. *Yahoo*
I've been looking for her and glad that I get the chance to have our 'photography' session. She's another butterfly.. ;)
She's beautiful uh?

Overall, the party was fun. It's not because of the freebies, but those people who I get to meet. They are nice and I'm lucky to have them as friends.. Hope to meet you guys again in the next following event... or maybe 'yum cha'?

*smile broadly*

P/S: Sorry for not remember your name... Please forgive me because I'm bad in memorizing... *smack smack*
If you happen to read this, do leave your name and URL.. thank a lot.