20 June 2008

Pheww.. Which Animal Costume Should I Pick?

I've never realized that I'm so tired until I find out myself, sleeping for the whole day. Gosh! I slept from 2am till 12pm and continued from 4pm-6pm. I've never been so tired. I guess I should gain back my energy before my new semester starts. Sigh... There are only 2 weeks left. Sob..

By the way, I've a good news here. I've received an invitation from Nuffnang to 'Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party'. Isn't that cool? I'm one of the 100 lucky Nuffnangers who are being selected to the party. Glad that my previous post win a place for me to the party.

I know the party is cool in which you can meet other bloggers (Malaysian). I've been longing for it ever since the previous parties- Traffic Jam and Pajamas parties. But... here is a problem. In order to join this Wild Live Blogging Party, I must wear an animal costume- or at least, a printed animal t-shirt. The 2 most out-standing costume both female and male categories will win a laptop each. Ahhwwww!!!!! I want one.. My old 2003-bulky-lappy need to be changed. How I wish to get a smaller, slimmer new laptop!

*big double sigh*

What should I wear in other to be out-standing? What should I do to win the lappy? Every Nuffnanger who is invited is eager to win a laptop. Big competition. wow...
But no worries, there are still PSP. Haha... Grab them! Grab them!

There is only another 24 hours for me to think about the costume. Should I wear....
a) Something cute? Like these?

b) Something hot and sexy?

c) Something scary?

d) Or... something funny?

my head is cracking..


I guess, I should wait till tomorrow. Maybe idea will come, rushing into my brain once I've another good sleep. I can see my pimples are popping out and my eyes are getting dark circles. OMG! Maybe I can be a panda instead? Haha...

By the way, how many of you are going? I mean the Malaysian Nuffnangers? Tell me! tell me! I can't wait until Saturday night to know who are those lucky Nuffnangers. I wanna know, may I? Raise your hands or legs or both again so that I can see you.
Oppss... I can't see you. Well, just leave a comment in my comment box which will help solving my puzzle. Thank you.. ;D


I've been sitting in front of my computer for few hours, trying hard to pick my best photos from my Macau trip. However, failed.

There are loads of photos and some stories and experiences which I wish to share them here. Sorry for letting you waiting- I'm trying very hard here. I will post them tomorrow (Friday) - promise.

Anywhere, I manage to edit some of the photos and here there are. Let me tempt you with some of the photos. Oh ya. Why not another guessing games? Haha... I love guessing games.

I love this photo a lot.. ;)

I've a sudden urge to become a model. Maybe part-time? Lol... Yes I'm for Curryegg.com.
Well, it's always sweet to have a dream like this.. right? hehe..

So, remember to do your homework, guess the places. As for hint, they are not in Asian for sure... Uhh? So where have I been actually? Not Macau? Not China? Is it in Europe? Italy? French? Well, just make a guess.. hehe..