01 June 2008

My Diary

We're already in the first day of June which I hope it will be a better month for the world. I know it will.

Looking back at the month of May, I feel completely empty, cold and dark. I don't know why. Maybe... it's because of the disasters in China and Burma which have affected my emotion indirectly? Right now I'm still grieving for the victims and this is the reason why my blog is still in pink. Something has stopped me from taking down the banner.

What has stopped me? Well, since my house has installed with Astro (TV programme), I'm given the chance to watch live news and shows. And this opportunity has helped to to understand the world better. No more out-dated news, no more fake news. Thank to Astro. (How do I live without you?)

Everyday, there will be latest news about Shi Chuan (victims, volunteers and donors) and everyday, the news will touch my heart. I can see how motivated the victims want to survive. I can feel the helping spirit among the people around the world. They have showed me that, life is beautiful and we shall be grateful with what we have.

Unconsciously, my perception towards life is slowing changing. I'm not sure is it good or bad. But for sure, it's leading me to a more positive view of life. I can come out with more philosophy right now. Haha.. 'Don't pray pray ah'.

This post is inspired by Hong Kong's spirit for their 512 donation campaign (8 hours) which has just ended few minute ago. Hundreds of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan artists are giving their hands by running the campaign together. I'm touched, again.

website: www.artistes512.com