05 June 2008

To Know Or Not To Know?

I suddenly have this cold, frightening feeling when I read a message sent by my sweet, lovely friend yesterday. It gives me goose pimples just to glance at the handphone screen. She the sms since Wednesday but I just managed to receive it today. What should I do?

Still remember how I struggled revising my TITAS a month ago? How I came out with this infamous post during my struggles? I thought I will have another sweet, happy month before my new semester begins. All my thoughts are vanished and I'm forced to face the reality right now, sigh...

May I choose to ignore the message and continue my fantasy world, for another few weeks? May I? May I?
*bagging tone*

I just need another 2 week and I promise, I will go into the website and browse for the result. OMG! RESULT! The word, 'result' is alienating me. Ahhwww.....

Personally, I feel it's not a big deal whether to see the result now or then because it's already fixed and unchangeable (accept if I get all fail for all the subjects, I know I will fly to my lecturers and get the reasons. Impossible man!). The results are mine and I should accept it, welcomely. So, why am I making such noise here? Just go and check the result! That's all..

I'm just worry that I might get heart attack. Who will blog for curryegg.com if I'm sick? Or if I'm no longer in this world? What will happen? sob.. will you miss me? Please say you will or I'm going to shut this blog later.. (I know I won't..)

Sorry for my words. I can feel some unidentified disorders are bugging me. Oopss... I've skipped my time for medicine. I'm going to have it now.

Last question:
To know or not to know.... my result?