29 June 2008

Macau Tower

After having a wonderful breakfast in Macau, we took a local tourist bus and started traveling around. It seemed so exciting at first. However, things changed in a sudden. From a bright, sunny sun turned into a dark, grey sky. Soon, a strong, fierce wind brought heavy rain to the town. As a result, Curryegg and her family were all wet and soaked with the heavy pour.


None of the umbrellas nor rain-coats could survive under the 'over-weight' rain. Big sigh... Because of the uninvited rain, we had to change our plan. We moved to the Macau Tower and waited the rain to stop. At the same time, we spent some valuable time wandering around the building. Guess what.. It's fantastic - if only if it didn't rain.

Now, look at what did I get from the tower?

Yes the tower!
Isn't it beautiful? Ahwww.. I'm glad to have this photo. I'd never climbed so high to the top and captured this photo!

Well, I was just bluffing.

The tower is made by Lego. Look!
Isn't that amazing?


You should have a look at these!

Bungy jump,
Mast climb,
Sky jump,
Skywalk X?

It's true. They have this facilities and look at the photo! This tower has 'the world's highest skyjump!'. Heck! I don't have the chance to have a look at this. Ahwww...

The heavy rain did not even allow me to shoot a photo on that high tower. Sob... I want to see the skyjump! Where are the strings?

One of the Macau bridge is located near this tower.. ;)
There are 3 main bridges.

Well, even if there was no rain, I'm not sure will I try the bungy jump, mast climb, sky jump or sky walk. Am I that brave enough to try? Puzzling with this question.
How about you? Will you try them?

Other than those exciting games, there are a few exhibitions available in the building. They are drawing, creative vases, artwork and etc.

I didn't take much photos in the exhibition hall. Why?
Because there are something more interesting... Yes, much more interesting than the antiques and crafts.

Welcome to Warner Bros. Studio Store in Macau!

And come to meet my 'Hello Kitty' in pink boxes!
Aren't they adorable! I remember Jay Chow love Hello Kitty. Is it true? :P

My blue, cute 'Doremon'...

Besides, I found something artistic in the second and third floors. What will happen when Curryegg meets something beautiful, artistic, funny or cute? Of course, she will act like this in front of the camera...

Oh... I miss my sweet memories.. ;)

Definitely, I love this drawing!

After spending an hour snapping photos in the building, the rain had finally stopped. Hurroyy! My new journey will begin again!
Where will I go next? Hehe... shh... I shall tell you in my next post..